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10 Unlikely Jobs With Surprising Pay Increases

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In the U.S., the annual median base pay grew 2.7 percent year over year in April 2017 to $51,350. The Glassdoor Local Pay Reports show pay growth decelerated slightly from the 2.8 percent revised pay growth recorded last month, marking a three-month long downward trend. However, there are 10 occupations who have enjoyed better-than-average wage growth in the past year — and they aren’t the jobs you’d think.

Move over tech sector — there are some new high earners in town. The 10 jobs that saw the biggest pay increases are:

  1. Customer Service Manager: 7.4% growth YOY to $54,177 per year
  2. Recruiter: 6.9% growth YOY to $51,306 per year
  3. Store Manager: 6.60% growth YOY to $48,848 per year
  4. Warehouse Associate: 6.3% growth YOY to $39,920 per year
  5. Professor: 5.8% growth YOY to $90,007 per year
  6. Bank Teller: 5.6% growth YOY to $28,549 per year
  7. Restaurant Cook: 5.4% growth YOY to $28,568 per year
  8. Programmer Analyst: 5.1% growth YOY to $69,233 per year
  9. Cashier: 5.0% growth YOY to $27,582 per year
  10. Retail Key Holder: 4.2% growth YOY to $29,615

The great news is that many of these jobs do not require advanced training or schooling, and boast plenty of open roles across the country. Take recruiters, for example, there are over 10,000 open jobs for recruiters listed on Glassdoor. Companies including Carmax, Vonage and even Glassdoor are hiring for Customer Service Managers. And interested job seekers can even see how much these roles are expected to pay thanks to salary estimates. The time to apply is now!


Glassdoor Local Pay Reports provide a real-time view of wage growth in metro areas across the U.S. based on millions of salaries shared on Glassdoor. Leveraging the same technology and data science behind Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth product, the Local Pay Reports apply a proprietary machine learning algorithm to estimate median base pay by job title, industry and employer size. Full methodology found here, along with a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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