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The Next 100 Years

Got to love the holidays, a great time to spend time with family, watch bowl games, read a few books and consider the upcoming year and what’s next. I read two interesting books over the holiday: James Bradley’s The Imperial Cruise – the story of Teddy Roosevelt and our relationship with Asia, and George Friedman’s The Next 100 Years. It takes a brave and confident person to forecast what’s ahead for the next 100 years for our globe politically and economically. Friedman has the background and enough ‘correct’ forecasts that he is listened to carefully by governments and corporations all over the world.

Starting in the next few years and really manifesting itself from 2020 to 2030 will be a global war for talent. Friedman projects that due to mortality rates and retiring boomers the world over, countries will be forced to entice and compete for skilled and unskilled talent to keep their economies moving in the right direction.

Why should this be of interest to us readers at Glassdoor? Well, whether you are currently working, looking for work or considering strategic paths for your company’s short and long term future, it is vital to know that talent plays an important role on the global stage for the next 90 years. Gives us pause to consider what role we or our companies will play on the global stage. And 2020 is coming up faster than we’d like to think.

Read the book if you want a unique view on the future. I can’t say that all will occur the way Friedman prescribes, but he certainly has an interesting set of arguments to support his views.