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11 Skills, Traits and Qualities That Are Great to Have on Your Resume Now

Posted by Emily Moore

Last Updated September 1, 2017

In today’s ever-evolving career landscape, it can be tough to know exactly what employers are looking for. New tools and software pop up all the time and become must-know hard skills almost overnight, while different studies on what makes a team successful and new management philosophies affect which soft skills recruiters look for. So which ones should you focus on to make your current resume pop?

We reached out to recruiters, hiring managers, career coaches, and other experts to give us the low-down on what they’re looking for in candidates at the moment. Prove that you’ve mastered these skills and traits on your resume, and recruiters won’t be able to resist it.

1. WordPress & SEO

“Everyone these days should have a basic understanding of how the ‘backend’ of websites work and should know how to optimize any content that their brand puts out. This is not only important for getting people to see a website, but also for creating ad content or anything else that draws internet traffic to their site.” —Valerie Streif, Senior Adviser at Mentat

2. Emotional Intelligence

“High emotional intelligence and maturity; Candidates that think strategically as opposed to reactively.” —Recruiting team, Academy Sports + Outdoors

3. The Ability to Learn from Your Mistakes

“I want [candidates] to be good listeners, intelligent and open to making mistakes and learning from them. I also want them to be humble and supportive with their teams.” —Stormy Anderson, HR Leader at SSM Health

4. Digital Marketing

“You want to show that you are innovative in the digital age, so things such as social media, digital marketing, collaborative project management, and team building are going to create more engagement for you to garner the reader's attention… Employers want you to be tech savvy and up to date on the trends in the digital age which are heavily influenced by digital marketing and social media.” —Resume Writer & Career Transition Coach Wendi Weiner

5. Enthusiasm

“One of the important qualities I look for… is their enthusiasm about the opportunity. They may have the required experience and background, but I want to be able to see that they genuinely want to work for our company. We want to hire the candidate that has the experience and shows us why they want the job, not the candidate that just has the experience.” —Brian Abucay, Senior Recruiter, Cadence Design Systems

6. Data Analysis

“Strong applied analytics: This means you love data, gleaning insights from data, and making decisions based on data.” —Salim Parpia, Sr. Director and Head of Decision Science at Glassdoor

7. Business Acumen

“We’re looking for senior candidates that are technical experts that also possess a business mindset — leaders who are working at the bleeding edge of technology within their lines of business. The right senior leader approaches problems consultatively, and is a great representation of Booz Allen. This translates into senior leaders who empower their teams to proactively seek innovative strategies for solving the missions of our clients in ways you can see and touch.” Scott Barish, Digital Solutions Recruiting Lead at Booz Allen Hamilton

8. Collaboration

“Candidates should display the passion for technology, eagerness to learn and the skill to collaborate with others when applying to our company." —Kelsi Kennedy, Sr. Recruiting Partner & Team Lead at Cerner Corporation

9. Visual Editing Software

“Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, other video/photo/visual editing software knowledge. It goes unsaid for creatives that they typically need a handle on these sorts of programs, but with everything [becoming] more visual, with an increased emphasis on video especially, having an understanding of how to make content really pop and be appealing is super important for future job seekers.” —Valerie Streif, Senior Adviser at Mentat

10. Integrity

“It’s important to have integrity, a sense of servanthood, and a sense of humility. These qualities translate into doing the right thing, putting the care of others first, and relating well to others.” –Kirsten C., Recruiter at Baylor Scott & White Health

11. JavaScript

"JavaScript is the only programming language supported by all web browsers, so its need has continued to rise. It's more flexible than it once was, and with many developers taking shortcuts on JavaScript, the need for programmers who understand it inside and out is in high demand." —Career Coach Angela Copeland


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