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12 Companies With Amazing Work-Life Balance Hiring Now

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When it comes to work and life, work-life balance is super important. Work-life balance is a sweet spot where you feel challenged and satisfied by your work—but it’s work that leaves you enough time to head to happy hour with your friends or binge watch Netflix at night—whatever floats your boat. Not all companies encourage a work-life balance. But these 12 companies score high ratings for their work-life balance—and bonus: they are all hiring. 

1. American Express

Perks: According to its website, health insurance, retirement savings plans, flexible hours, and family paid leave are just a few of the benefits to working at American Express. “We offer highly competitive benefits in each local market that give you support, perks and—most important—peace of mind,” the site says. “Some of our roles even offer flexible work arrangements so you can work how it makes sense for you, without ever compromising quality. We also have programs for [new] parents … and people nearing retirement.” 

Where Hiring: New York, Phoenix, Santa Monica, Sunrise, and more.

What Employees Say: “As a company, [it] has all benefits and work-life balance. You can grow moving all around the world. Work from home is available.” Current Employee

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2. TransUnion 

Perks: At TransUnion, employees receive paid time off, tuition reimbursement, adoption assistance, and paid parental leave—plus, office offer game rooms and candy jars, according to TransUnion’s website. An onsite café offer health-conscious food options. 

Where Hiring: Atlanta, Austin, Beaverton, Boca Raton, Chicago, San Luis Obispo, and more.

What Employees Say: “Excellent work-life balance with top-notch benefits. The management team really seems to care about their employees. You may have to work late [or] from home sometimes when the company needs you to, but that is balanced with the ability to work from home when you need to; its a fair trade.” Current Employee

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3. Lyft

Perks: “We believe that work/life balance is important, so we instituted unlimited vacation days for exempt team members,” according to Lyft’s website. “Non-exempt team members have 15 days of paid vacation, five sick days, and 10 paid holidays.” That’s in addition to more traditional perks such as health insurance options, 401(k) plans, and Lyft credits. 

Where Hiring: Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and more.

What Employees Say: “Flexible hours and nice work environment—well, that is, if you like your car. Make sure to use a mileage and expense tracking application such as Stride— you’ll be glad when taxes are due!”Current Employee

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4. Activision Blizzard

Perks: “You’re not a gaming company without a place to play,” points out Activism Blizzard on its website. “And we not only have a Gaming Zone available for employees to play our games or our competitors’ games, but we also organize informal Call of Duty or Skylanders tournaments for local bragging rights. Our Gaming Zone is the life-center of our HQ at Activision, where gaming happy hours frequently occur. Launch parties are also huge bonding events at Activision Blizzard. For employees and their families, these events can rival major holidays—and for some of the employee’s children, the parties may even rival birthdays.” 

Where Hiring: Beverly Hills, Portland, Santa Monica, Seattle, and more. 

What Employees Say: “Entrepreneurial work environment and the chance to make your mark. Great offices, perks, and work-life balance. It’s nice to work with really smart people.” Current Employee

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5. Crowdtwist

Perks: Paid sabbatical, catered lunches, monthly pampering, regular team outings, and a dog-friendly office are all perks you will find at CrowdTwist, according to its website. 

Where Hiring: New York

What Employees Say: “I’ve worked for startups before, and this place is different in a lot of ways. HR and management have done a really great job of building teams of people who are super talented and also just really fun to be around.” — Current Employee

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6. Marsh & McLennan

Perks: “The Marsh & McLennan Companies Benefits Program is a substantial and valuable part of the total rewards the Company provides to employees,” the company writes on its Glassdoor profile. “Marsh & McLennan Companies and its Operating Companies offer a competitive benefits package including healthcare, insurance, investment, and retirement plans in addition to a wide selection of employee programs such as education, legal, identity theft, and employee assistance for eligible employees.”

Where Hiring: Chicago, New York, Phoenix, San Deigo, and more. 

What Employees Say: “Good work environment for employees in the organization. Not much pressure, work-life balance, good work location, less gender bias, can get good incentive if you like sales.” Current Employee

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7. ForceBrands

Perks: According to its Glassdoor profile, ForceBrands offers vacation and other paid time off, maternity and paternity leave, free lunches and snacks, a pet-friendly office, and more. 

Where Hiring: Los Angeles and Phoenix.

What Employees Say: “’Fun’ office space and start up culture. Free lunch fridays, snack days, scooters, games, and lots—maybe too many—of happy hours.The clients coming in and out of the office are wonderful and there is always more to learn. The food, beverage, and alcohol market is far more interesting than the typical tech or finance recruiting firms.” Former Employee

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8. Integral Ad Science

Perks: “We want our employees to stay happy, healthy, and inspired. At IAS, we offer unlimited PTO, comprehensive health insurance, employer 401k match, and much more—from an employee volunteer program to happy hours and snacks in the office,” according to Integral Ad Science’s website. Some of those additional perks include charity and volunteer opportunities, peer-nominated awards, paid parental leave, and additional office parties. 

Where Hiring: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and more. 

What Employees Say: “The company is moving in the right direction and being apart of a new space with great growth, the employees are welcoming and everyone is willing to help you get projects done.” Current Employee

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9. Fuze

Perks: According to Fuze’s Glassdoor profile, the company offers employees perks such as flexible spending accounts, pension and 401(k) retirement plans, vacation time, mobile phone discounts, free lunch and snacks, tuition assistance, and professional training. 

Where Hiring: Austin, Noston, New York, San Jose, Washington, D.C., and more. 

What Employees Say: “Ican only speak for my own experience but I loved working at Fuze! Great people, great culture. In my experience, people were very professional and hard-working. Great work-life balance by allowing WFH [work from home] when it made sense. Great that management bought lunch for the whole company every week and beers every Thursday, too.” Former Employee

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10. Brunswick

Perks: In addition to offering retirement plans, health insurance options, and vacation time, the company writes on its website that, “Brunswick recognizes that a happy workforce is a productive one. We empower employees to focus on themselves through things like tuition reimbursement, paid vacation and holidays, flexible work arrangements and more.” 

Where Hiring: Fort Wayne, Greeneville, Lowell, Palm Coast, Rosemont, and more.

What Employees Say: “Excellent work-life balance. No micromanagement. Ability to take on different types of work.” Current Employee

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11. Camp Gladiator

Perks: Camp Gladiator offers maternity and paternity leave, vacation and paid time off, an employee discount, a gym membership, a pet-friendly office, and company social events, according to its Glassdoor profile. 

Where Hiring: Austin

What Employees Say: “The personal and professional growth I’ve gained here could not be matched by another company. CG changed my life for the better! I fully believe in our mission and core values, leadership is amazing and really pour into us, the people are my favorite and the culture is second to none. There are so many great perks here—free camp, our new wellness program, wearing workout clothes to the office, [and more].” Current Employee

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12. Total Quality Logistics

Perks: “At TQL, we’re only as good as our people, which is why we take care of our employees through benefits, perks and so much more. Things like a TQL causal dress code, hitting up the gym for less than what your friends are paying, complimentary coffee to get your day started and celebratory happy hours to help you wrap up your week,” the company’s website states. “We are a culture where competition is our DNA, so work hard, play hard is not just a saying, it’s a way of life.” 

Where Hiring: Austin, Cincinnati, Portland, Tampa, and more. 

What Employees Say: “The absolute best part of my job is the environment—and without the incredible bosses and employees I have, this job would be even more difficult at times. The flexibility in hours is extremely nice—and bosses have always been very understanding and proactive in working around “life” circumstances.”Current Employee

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