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12 Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated February 22, 2019

When it comes to finding a job as a computer science major, there’s no shortage of options. From maintaining a functioning website to providing online customer support, almost every business out there needs computers and the internet to help them function. Computer science majors are hot in demand, and the salaries show it: in 2018, computer science majors had a projected average starting salary of $66,005, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. There are many jobs for computer science majors, which vary in function and in pay. We’ve collected here 12 of the most common – and well-paid – jobs for computer science majors to jumpstart your search!

Software Developer

Average Base Pay: $80,018

Number of Open Jobs: 88,386

Description: Software developers create and maintain software programs that allow users to do certain tasks on computers and mobile devices. Being a software engineering involves designing, installing, testing, and maintaining software systems.  

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Cybersecurity Analyst

Average Base Pay: $79,738

Number of Open Jobs: 7,322

Description: Also sometimes known as information security analysts, the role of cybersecurity analysts is to create and implement security systems to protect websites, networks, and data. Cybersecurity analysts also research trends in the cyber security field in order to foresee and prevent the potential threats.

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UX Designer

Average Base Pay: $90,697

Number of Open Jobs: 6,560

Description: UX Designers are involved in all aspects of making the experience of using a software, website, or device easy and straightforward for users. Their daily job responsibilities involve website design, gathering user feedback, brainstorming design concepts, and working collaboratively with other designers and engineers.

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Game Designer

Average Base Pay: $73, 182

Number of Open Jobs: 5,307

Description: Game designers work with teams to create video games. Their responsibilities range from animating and designing characters to testing and soliciting feedback on video games.

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Database Administrator

Average Base Pay: $80,683

Number of Open Jobs: 25,708

Description: Database Administrators are responsible for using databases to store, organize, and protect data. They also plan and develop databases, as well as assuring smooth user access of the database.

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Web Developer

Average Base Pay: $75,487

Number of Open Jobs: 48,002

Description: Web developers are involved of all aspects of creating, coding, and modifying websites. They create layouts, integrate graphics, and install user-friendly features into websites, as well as ensuring that web pages are easily accessible across different browsers and interfaces.

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Cloud Engineer

Average Base Pay: $95,000

Number of Open Jobs: 40,300

Description: Cloud engineers focus their engineering duties on cloud computing systems, making sure the systems run smoothly and troubleshooting problems in the system why they occur. They also create, design, and plan new cloud services.

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Data Scientist

Average Base Pay: $117,345

Number of Open Jobs: 21,712

Description: The job responsibilities of data scientists are far ranging – from creating statistical methods to analyze data sets to developing automated data collection processes – but their boils down to one essential function: making data useful for businesses.

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IT Project Manager

Average Base Pay: $97,312

Number of Open Jobs: 67,263

Description: IT project managers plan, manage, and coordinate of information technology projects. This involves creating budgets, schedules, and project roadmaps, coordinating team members, and ensuring on-time completion of projects.

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Systems Architect

Average Base Pay: $105,161

Number of Open Jobs: 1,918

Description: Systems architects assure the proper functioning of networks and computer systems. They also design new systems – such as software, hardware, servers, and security – tailored to the computing needs of a company.

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Mobile Application Developer

Average Base Pay: $92,721

Number of Open Jobs: 10,576

Description: Mobile application developers create applications for phones and troubleshoot bugs when they occur. Often mobile application developers specialize in one type of platform, such as iOS or Android.  

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Machine Learning Engineer

Average Base Pay: 114,826

Number of Open Jobs: 18,331

Description: Machine learning engineers are a specialized breed of computer programmers who develop machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

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