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13 Animal Memes That Sum Up The Job Search Process

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Has the job search got you down? Cheer up, warrior! You are not alone.

There is nothing more exhilarating than jumpstarting your career or entering a new phase in your professional life. But let’s face it – looking for a new job is daunting. Time-consuming. Even emotionally draining at times.

Ironically, you have to put in a whole lot of work in order to find yourself a new line of work. But with the right prep, research, and execution (and just a smidge of patience), you will ultimately find yourself where you need to be: with a new job, and thus a new opportunity to learn more about yourself and your skills.

Whether you’re a veteran of the job hunt, just embarking upon your search, or somewhere in between, take a moment to find some lightness in your load with these 13 animals memes that perfectly capture some of those job search “feels”.


1. Attempting to begin the job search like:


2. When the job posting asks for a cover letter:


3. When your creative genius decides to kick in at 2 am on a Tuesday night and you knock out all your job applications:

giphy (9)

4.  That mild feeling of imposter syndrome you get every time you submit your resume:



5. When you’re banking on your flannel to score those bonus points for “culture fit”


6. When the front desk says, “Have a seat, your interviewer will be right with you,” and you endure the most agonizing five minutes of your life.


7.  When you’re trying to play it cool but your sweat glands get the best of you:

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8.  And then interviewer hits you with some hard ones.

giphy (10)


9. Politely aggressive millennial jobseeker versus primitive correspondence mechanism:

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10.  Waiting to hear back like…

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11.  When the rejection letter says you are a “qualified candidate” but it’s still rejecting you:

im not sad xby2jx

12.  But then you give yourself a pep talk and keep your head up


13.  AND then… we all have that little victory dance we do when we finally get the job we love.


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