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13 Must-Haves for a Winning Resume

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

Last Updated Apr 12, 2019
|4 min read

We all want a resume that will jump out of the pile into the hands of the HR manager. But how do we craft a resume that is tasteful yet aesthetic, impressive yet not brag-y? Thanks to beautiful templates from Etsy, here are the top resume tips compiled from Glassdoor experts.

The resume that will land you a dream job is:

1. Adept at use of statistics

Use statistics to cut down space and pack a quantitative punch. Instead of just saying “worked with many clients,” say “worked with 8 clients per day on a bi-weekly rotating schedule.”

2.  Simple

Don’t confuse your reader with excessive design details, complicated jargon, or a muddled structure. Focus on the significant and relevant information instead. “Accomplishments are important (see “Highlight Accomplishments,” below), but list no more than five under each position,” suggests Nicole Cox, a Chief Recruitment Officer at recruiting firm Decision Toolbox. “In general, you’ll want to choose the most significant accomplishments, but also ensure they are relevant to the opening.”

3. Includes soft skills

Let your future employer visualize your place in the office by including a robust description of your soft skills. Include traits like leadership, teamwork, communication, and creativity to emphasize your well-roundedness.

4. Long

Surprisingly, a longer resume may work to your advantage by giving your accomplishments context, showing a glimpse of your personality, and making your stories more robust.

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Modern Resume Template & Cover Letter by OddBitsStudio, $15

5. Contains keywords

Whether it’s an HR recruiter scanning your resume, or an Applicant Tracking System automatically passing through, you want to put relevant keywords on the page that signal your industry know-how and expertise. Anish Majumdar, CEO of and regular Glassdoor contributor, suggests to “take a close look at the ‘Skills & Endorsements’ section of the most visible people in your niche- this is the ‘secret sauce’ of great keywords. Jot down all of the ones which you possess and include them within a ‘Core Competencies’ section of the resume.”

6. Displays personal brand

Use snappy adjectives to create a sharp sentence that sums up your personal brand. For example, for a senior marketing executive, Majumdar suggests: “Luxury Retail Marketing expert who can deploy cutting-edge strategies to generate awareness, double-digit profitability gains, and cross-channel cohesion.”

7. Tailored

Focus on the relevant details – tailor your skill set to the specific job you’re applying for instead of always using the same template.  

8. Clickable

Now that resumes are generally sent along electronically, focus on making yours interactive and easily clickable. Especially focus on including creative work, such as published articles or an online portfolio.

Responsive resumes il fullxfull.1128540519 kbsf
   Professional 3 Page Resume by Responsive Resumes, $2.29

9. Richly detailed

Build in relevant stories and anecdotes gives your resume a more personal flavor than just the facts, as well as captures hiring manager’s attention through stories crafted to resonate with their needs.

10. Speaks to your intended audience

Identify the needs of the company you are applying to by researching the company the company, its values, and its history beforehand. For example, if you know the company puts customer service as a core value, emphasize your customer service experience and skills as a core part of your resume. Within reason of course - don’t stretch it too far.

11. Proofread

Spelling mistakes are attention-grabbing in a way that you don’t want. Hand your resume to a trusted proofreader to catch any last minute errors.

12. Mobile Ready

Making your resume easier to read for the hiring manager will give you a boost in the application process, regardless of whether or not it’s required. Test your resume on multiple devices before finally sending it out.

13. Uses an online resume template

More and more websites are rolling out online tools for resume creation and formatting, from Google Docs to Etsy. Check out Glassdoor’s list of 5 of the best online resume tools available right now.


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