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13 Companies That Give Back – And Hiring Now!

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While some companies seem to only care about profits and results, some recognize their intrinsic reliance on people and the planet – and they’re putting that into action. We’ve picked 13 companies that recognize their duty to give back to communities and ecosystems. From “volunteer time off” to one-for-one donation matching, all of these companies have found ways to give back, and give their employees the opportunity to give back as well. Interested in working for a company like this? They’re all hiring!

1. Coca-Cola

Rating: 3.5

How They Give Back: The Coca-Cola Foundation recently pledged $1 million to Hurricane Irma relief efforts. This is par for the course for a company that has long been hailed as an industry leader of corporate social responsibility. Both at home in America and across the world (particularly in water-starved regions), Coca-Cola and its Foundations have poured money back into communities. For example, they recently donated more than $10 million to help ameliorate the effects of a famine that has been felt across 10 countries in the African Sahel. On top of that, Coca-Cola is active in the arena of sustainability and drought prevention – in 2016, a collective 221 billion liters of water were replenished through their community and watershed projects across the globe.

What Employees Say: “Love the company and products! Great company to work for and superb benefits.” – Current Employee

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2. Merck

Rating: 3.6

How They Give Back: In wake of Hurricane Harvey, Merck had a multi-pronged strategy for sponsoring relief. First and foremost, they pledged to 100% match any gift that Merck employees in the U.S. gave to an eligible nonprofit that directly supports relief efforts. Merck also provided $250,000 to support the relief efforts of additional partners who are responding to the hurricane, on top of the $600,000 they already provided to the American Red Cross earlier this year for disaster preparedness and relief efforts. This just the tip of the iceberg of Merck’s corporate social responsibility, which spans from on-the-ground relief efforts to long-term projects, like their $500 million initiative Merck for Mothers.

What Employees Say: “There are good projects remaining at the company, and people work together. Mostly a positive work culture, great benefits, departments talk to each other, several social programs, and stable work.” – Current Process Engineer

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3. Appirio

Rating: 4.0

How They Give Back: Appirio offers pro bono professional services to support the adoption of cloud technologies in nonprofits. They also offer company-wide volunteer days and company-sponsored group volunteer activities globally as well as paid time off each year for employees to pursue their own personal volunteer activities. To date, Appirio has contributed over 29,000 hours of community and pro bono services and has provided over $565,000 in cash and product donations to charitable causes through their Silver Lining program.

What Employees Say: “Appirio is simply one of the best companies I have ever worked for. The technology and business model (when it was still a start-up) were exciting to be sure, but what continues to be a driver of this being a great place is the strong workplace culture. The people Appirio has hired over the years contribute to its strong, supportive, and energetic culture – one where people genuinely care about each other and support training and advancement. Flexibility around work, remote work, and attention to work-life balance are big assets as well.” – Current Employee

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4. Warby Parker

Rating: 4.1

How They Give Back: Warby Parker is a certified B Corp, which means they’ve voluntarily agreed to follow stringent standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. And similarly to Toms, Warby Parker makes glasses accessible in developing countries through the sales of their glasses like countries in the US. They make a monthly donation to their nonprofit partners that’s proportional to a number of glasses that are sold in that month, and then sell them at a low cost in developing countries, along with basic eye exams. Care for people and the planet is truly at the heart of this company’s mission.

What Employees Say: “Warby is hands-down the best place I’ve ever worked. It’s one of the few companies with a culture that is ambitious but not cut-throat; genuinely inspiring without veering into the corny start-up “we’re changing the world” mode. If you’re looking to work towards a worthy goal among the smartest and kindest people, it’s a great place to be.”– Former Employee

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5. H&M

Rating: 3.5

How They Give Back: In the past years, H&M has made a strong commitment to sustainability. Currently, 43% of their cotton is sustainably sourced, and their current goal is to increase that to 100% by 2020. In addition, their garment collecting initiative – where anyone, anywhere can bring their old clothes to a local H&M store – has already saved a collective 32,000 tons of fabric through re-wearing, reusing, and recycling. The surplus split between social projects and recycling projects by the H&M Foundation. On top of that, 0.02 euros is donated to a local charity organization for each kilogram of textiles that H&M collects.

What Employees Say: “There are plenty of work benefits offered to employees. The company values both work and home life and does its very best to balance both. Everyone is very friendly and will always lend a helping hand.” – Current General Warehouse Associate

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6. SolarCity

Rating: 3.2

How They Give Back: SolarCity’s foundation, the Give Power Foundation, provides clean energy to those who need it most. They’ve already given access to electricity to over 300,000 people in over 13 countries, from Haiti to Kenya to Nepal. This electricity is also 100% renewable, because it’s powered by SolarCity’s solar panels.

What Employees Say: “I am proud to be part of the SolarCity family. Every year this team learns and grows in a positive direction that is truly changing the world.” – Current Construction Project Manager

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7. PepsiCo

Rating: 3.4

How They Give Back: When Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico, talks about the importance of water usage and sustainability in developing countries, she has first-hand knowledge. Raised in India, Nooyi has been remarkably successful at translating these issues into the boardroom, starting with introducing the “Performance with Purpose” initiative in 2006. Pepsi has given back to communities in worldwide – in the U.S., for example, they created the Food for Good initiative in 2009, which gives healthy, pre-packed meals to low-income children during the summer, when they don’t have access to school breakfast or lunch. Pepsico truly puts their money where their mouth is – in 2015 alone, the Pepsico Foundation dispersed over 37 million in grants for sustainability, disaster relief, humanitarian support, and related causes.

What Employees Say: “Pepsi Bottling Group was a challenging, competitive and highly rewarding place to work. Many of the strongest minds operated the business, demanded action, intellect and accountability while enjoying the fun of working for a soda company.” – Former Forecasting Manager

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8. Salesforce

Rating: 4.2

How They Give Back: Salesforce created the 1-1-1 model in order to ingrain giving back into the core mission of the company. This model of “integrated philanthropy” includes technology (by donating and discounting technologies to educational organizations and nonprofits), people (by encouraging a culture of giving back and offering “volunteer time off” for employees to engage in the causes that are meaningful to them), and resources (by providing grants to nonprofits and matching up to $5,000 per year of employee donations to charitable organizations). Salesforce is truly a model of how companies can give back.

What Employees Say: “This is one amazing place to work. Execs, across the board, are open & interested in your ideas – from any level. The level of transparency is mind-blowing: from Marc sharing his yearly objectives on company-wide TV (where *all* employees can view & participate), to every single employee’s annual goals posted for all to see — it’s phenomenal to walk into a meeting with someone where you know what’s important to them, and be able to share how your common goals can be accelerated by working together. Another amazing attribute: the 1-1-1 model, which is totally pervasive across the company — every major exec all-hand starts with what the team has given back to the community. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming, positive, and futuristic approach on how to impact the world. All opinions & ideas are welcomed.” – Current Senior Director

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9. Patagonia

Rating: 4.1

How They Give Back: This past Black Friday, Patagonia did something radical: instead of cashing in on the huge sales uptick that any company experiences on Black Friday, they decided to take a different approach. On that day, 100 percent of their profits were donated to grassroots environmental organizations. And this wasn’t just a one-off effort – Patagonia donates 1 percent of sales or 10 percent of pre-tax profits (whichever is more) to environmental groups.

What Employees Say: “Fantastic company in the outdoor industry. Leaders in many areas of how to do business. Currently doing outstanding work with social, environmental causes.” – Current Employee

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10. Intuit

Rating: 4.2

How They Give Back: Employees at Intuit can request up to 32 hours per year of paid time to volunteer during normal work hours. On top of that, Intuit donates the use of TurboTax to qualifying low-income families and individuals and provides software to eligible nonprofits to support financial literacy and small business or nonprofit development.

What Employees Say: “Amazing benefits. Innovative culture. Excellent working conditions. Most of the people here are big team players and truly care about their work and the company.” – Current Member Service Representative

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11. Ultimate Software

Rating: 4.6

How They Give Back: Ultimate “People First” culture puts, well, people first – whether it’s Ultimate’s employees or its clients. Each employee of Ultimate receives 2 paid days off per year to volunteer at the charity of their choice. In addition, Ultimate has a robust employee donation matching program that has generated tens of thousands of employee donation matches every year.

What Employees Say: “This company truly puts PEOPLE FIRST, whether it is the clients or employees. You are accepted and allowed to be who you are so you can shine and use all of your potential. There hasn’t been a day where I would not want to come to work because when you’re here, you are amongst one of the best and most wonderful people you can surround yourself with. The atmosphere at work is fantastic because the culture is fantastic, gives you a sense of truly belonging and being well cared for.” – Current Payment Services Specialist

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12. Zumasys

Rating: 4.9

How They Give Back: Each employee at this small tech company gets 20 hours annually to volunteer. In addition, departmental serve days and company-wide serve events give employees an extra opportunity to take part in local volunteer efforts. They also offer charitable donation matching.

What Employees Say: “Zumasys is a great company with endless amounts of opportunity for growth. They believe in their people and will help them achieve their goals. Not only does Zumasys focus on their employees but also the nonprofit side. It’s great to come to work but even better to give back. Zumasys encourages their employees to volunteer their time and support people in need. It’s amazing to work a company that not only focuses on business but also giving back.” –  Current Employee

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13. Seventh Generation

Rating: 3.6

How They Give Back: The Seventh Generation foundation gives grants to sustainability causes, local community building, and education, among other causes. They promote a culture of giving back among their employees by nominating five coworkers who embody Seventh Generation’s values of innovation, stewardship, caring, reliability, and collaboration. Each of these employees gets a cash gift, and an equal amount to donate to their favorite charity. They also donate products to worthy organizations around the country.

What Employees Say: “The benefits, the mission, the workplace are all exceptional. It’s great working to make the world a better place, especially in these usually-toxic product categories. Other employees are the brightest people you’ll ever meet in the work world.”– Current Employee

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