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Tired of the Office? 13 Global Co-Working Spaces to Try Today

the wing

Coworking spaces have increased by 400% over the last two years and are re-defining the way we think about work. Modern coworking spaces provide a sense of connectedness for those who don’t work the traditional 9:00-5:00, and crave the community, connection, and comforts of an office environment. With new spots popping up each day, here are a few notable names grabbing people’s attention across the world!

1. Hills Penthouse (In Los Angeles)

 PIP0374+smThis workspace, located in West Hollywood, offers 4 kinds of memberships for creatives looking for a swanky house or studio to work as an individual or with a team. Beyond just a place to get work done, this space offers a platform for socializing, networking, and private events. Enjoy the L.A. views while remaining productive!  


2. The Wing (US)

The Wing

This coworking space emphasizes female advancement through community support and empowerment. With locations across New York, Washington, and California, memberships include access to open and private working spaces, exposure to programming dedicated to building up women, speakers, and other exciting events!

3. Beachub (In Thailand)

Fantasie fuer Rendite Beachub Header quer.jpg

Looking to enjoy the beautiful beaches, while still getting your work done? Look no further, as the views at the Beachub space will help you get lost at sea while keeping you inspired to do your best work. Beachub offers both collaborative working spaces for professionals, and living spaces for travelers passing through Thailand, with more locations on the way!

4. Ministry of New (In Mumbai) 

Screen Shot 2019 01 19 at 10.20.02 AM

This collaborative workspace is perfect for independent professionals living in or passing through Mumbai, as their short term and long term memberships offer flexibility for all shapes and sizes! With city-specific events and groups, this is a perfect place to make meaningful connections and relationships.

5. WeWork (Global)

WeWork offers something for everyone, with workspaces for startup technology teams, independent professionals, and small to large enterprises. They are the dominant force and leaders in today’s coworking world. Their focus on building communities beyond just their beautiful spaces has made them extremely successful in the industry. With locations across the globe, you can find yourself a WeWork space nearly anywhere in the world!

6. CO+HOOTS (In Phoenix)

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Co+Hoots is Phoenix’s very first coworking space. They pride themselves on being very involved within the local communities by supporting young talent, whether it be through local teaching events, fundraising, and youth mentorship. Memberships range from daily to monthly, and are offered for both individuals, as well as team spaces.

7. Impact Hub (Global)

impact hub oakland coworking space 27

This co-working space prides itself as a hub for startups and entrepreneurs looking to scale and access new markets. Their global network of professional entrepreneurs, as well as their professional programming makes it a perfect spot for growing businesses. Locations can be found all across the world, in over 100 locations including Salt Lake City, Accra, Tokyo, Bogota, Oakland, Seattle and Kuala Lumpur.

8. Breather (US + Canada)


While not a classic “coworking” space, Breather offers a beautiful experience for any individual or team needing a quiet and comfortable space to meet and do work outside of the office. Rooms come perfectly furnished, and can be rented for hours, days, or even months. Breather spaces can be rented in various locations across Canada and the United States.

9. Make Lemonade (In Toronto)

Screen Shot 2019 01 19 at 10.35.24 AM

Make Lemonade, a Toronto based coworking space, was created for women working hard to turn their dreams into reality. This perfectly “instagrammable” space offers events and workshops, and accelerator programs, making it a great spot for creative professionals across Toronto looking for inspiration.

10. Soho House (In London & LA) 

shoreditch house soho beach house miami nick jones soho house interview slideshow dezeen 1568 3

While they’ve been around for many years, Soho houses are growing more and more popular with creative professionals around the world. With restaurants, bars, libraries, and coworking spaces, the Soho house offers a perfect spot for dedicated work, networking, and fun.  Memberships gives you access to Soho houses across the world, so you’ll never be in a pinch for a great space to work and relax!

11. The Assembly (In San Francisco)

Screen Shot 2019 01 19 at 10.41.20 AM

Located in San Francisco, this coworking space focuses not only on professional workspaces and building community, but curated fitness classes. This one stop shop offers a great spot for busy professionals trying to get everything done and keep their balance between mind and body!

12. Outpost (In Ubud)


Voted as one of the best co-working spaces in Bali and Cambodia, outpost provides a paradise for digital nomads working remotely and living their best life. They offer comfortable spaces to work and connect with like-minded professionals, while providing a comfortable space to live!

13. Selina Group (Central & South America)

Screen Shot 2019 01 19 at 10.44.29 AM

Selina operates as a network of co-working spaces as well as “hostel” style accommodations around the world. Need to feed your wanderlust while building your business? Selina offers the spot for you to connect with like-minded digital nomads.

Whether you’re an individual, a team, a more sedentary professional, or a digital nomad out in the world, there’s no shortage of spaces growing each day! Check out any of these spots when it’s time for you to ditch your office space, as the won’t disappoint!


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