Where Happy People Go to Work…

Apparently the energy and utilities sector is the place to be, based on the top 10 list on According to 53,000+ reviews we have gathered in just two months since we launched, more 700 employees in this sector at companies like GE Energy in Atlanta, Georgia and Consumers Energy in Jackson, Michigan are proud to say they like their jobs. On average, employees rate this job sector a 3.5 on a scale of 5 possible points, and CEOs have an average approval rating of 62.1%.

Top ten happiest job sectors:

  1. Energy & Utilities
  2. Environmental Services & Equipment
  3. Insurance
  4. Aerospace & Defense
  5. Agriculture
  6. Banking
  7. Cultural Institutions
  8. Education
  9. Food
  10. Health Care

It’s no wonder when one employee at Valero Energy in San Antonio, Texas writes “Company works with you. You pretty much have a set schedule, but have the availability for appointments. If any questions you can call your boss. If you need an emergency day off, you can call your boss or another manager to fill in. If you are having problems with a task, or a question, you can always call another manager to help you, and you can call your boss.”

On the flip side, the least happiest employees have shown to be in the Transportation Services sector. Anyone who has flown recently isn’t surprised by that – I know I’ve gotten my share of surly I’ve-had-my-4th-pay-cut-in-2-years-what-do-you-want-from-me attitude from gate agents and flight attendants. Maybe it will get better given the upcoming lull in Labor Day travel.

United Airlines seems to be among the worst – their employees give the company a 1.7 overall company rating and CEO Glenn F. Tilton has an approval rating of just 6% (ouch!).  Glassdoor reveals just why in reviews that state “UA is not a place that provides an incredible amount of job security” and “UAL: clinging to life in a desperate industry.