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15 Amazing Companies Hiring Now

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Find yourself getting fidgety in your current gig? Tired of the same ol’, same ol’? Shake things up this season. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 98,000 new jobs were added in the month of March, and unemployment is down to 4.5 percent. It’s the perfect time to switch jobs and tackle a new challenge.

Whether you’re looking to change industries or are looking for a bit more fulfillment out of your 9-to-5, tons of companies and organizations are hiring. Plus, they are offering in-demand perks: volunteer opportunities, regular travel, generous 401k matches, job training and employee discounts.

Make sure your current boss isn’t watching over your shoulder, and start scrolling these exciting jobs now. With salary estimates in some job descriptions and “easy apply” (where your resume and contact information can be pre-filled, making it faster and easier for applicants), there’s no excuse not to find a job you really love — fast!

1. Seneca Family of Agencies
Company Rating: 4.0
What They’re Hiring For: Bilingual Care Coordinator, Speech and Language Pathologist, Youth Counselor, Special Education Teacher, Behavior Analyst, Project Manager, Part-Time Program Assistant, and more.
What Employees Say: “The staff, the kids, the families. It is such a community.. all working together to support one another and watch our clients thrive. I am part of one of the most dedicated, creative and inspiring group of staff that could I have ever hoped for. The training and learning is ongoing and the administrative team is approachable, knowledgeable and “one of us.” The teachers constantly find ways to engage and inspire our clients. In one word: COMMUNITY. Their developed pathways for further careers in unprecedented and I feel I am supported by supervisors to explore long-term career goals in which Seneca encourages and supports (verbally and financially). This job has been life changing.” —Current Support Counselor
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2. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Company Rating: 3.5
What They’re Hiring For: Intern, Senior Director of Advocacy, Senior Campaign Manager, Operations Manager, Donor Development Manager, Fundraising Campaign Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Treasury Manager and more.
What Employees Say: “It is an absolute pleasure to come to work every day. I fully believe that this organization will fund the cure for cancer. We are not just curing blood cancers, but all cancers. I have the most dedicated colleagues that I have ever had the pleasure to work with from the National Office to Chapter Staff. We are forward thinking and nimble enough to make sure we are serving patients, funding research and raising money to support co-pay assistance, travel assistance and community-based programming. Every day I know the hard work we put in helps to save someone’s life or make their life better.” —Current Employee
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3. Valley Behavioral Health
Company Rating: 3.9
What They’re Hiring For: Office Specialist, Case Manager, Preschool Team Lead, Mental Health Therapist, Nurse Practitioner, Social Service Worker, Psychiatrist, are more.
What Employees Say: “Valley has a great communication system and values its employees. There are a lot of opportunities for building health and relationships at different events. Open communication is encouraged and promoted. There is a lot of support for growth and promotion.” —Current Therapist
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4. Veterans United Home Loans 
Company Rating: 4.5
What They’re Hiring For: Account Manager, Licensing Intern, Realty Coordinator, Branch Manager, Marketing Intern, Loan Officer, Customer Service Representative, Dataflow Engineer Application Developer and more.
What Employees Say: “I have worked in many professions for both big and small companies. I have never found a company that cares for its employees and customers the way that VU does. From the first day I showed up to work I was welcomed as if I had been there for 10 years. They are committed to their values. Not only during work hours but even outside of work. Management has a true open door policy and they are never too busy to stop and just chat for a few moments and that includes all of the executives and owners even. I truly feel part of a family working here and every person truly cares as much about each customer and the experience we give them as we do each other.” —Current Call Center Supervisor
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5. Uplift Family Services
Company Rating: 3.3
What They’re Hiring For: Licensed Clinical Program Manager, Mental Health Clinician, Behavioral Specialist, Social Worker, Clinical Associate Director, Behavior Technician and more.
What Employees Say: “Fantastic team cohesion. Management is incredible, they do everything to help you be your best and practice self-care. Awesome training and certifications. Tons of schedule flexibility.” —Current Employee
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6. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Company Rating: 4.5
What They’re Hiring For: Barista, Floor Finisher, Research Technologist, Clinical Research Associate, Director of Quality Management, Pediatric Oncology Nurse, Senior Administrative Assistant and more.
What Employees Say: “The mission alone is a reason to work here. However, St. Jude also has many other attributes that are attractive to employees. It offers a good benefits package and seems to value employee input. While other organizations I’ve worked for have asked for employees’ opinions, they have disregarded them after receiving feedback. St. Jude truly listens. It also offers professional development opportunities and an employee recognition program. The hospital also emphasizes employee physician and mental health through an on-site, free fitness center, bikes to ride across campus, mobile mammograms, and free yearly health screenings. There are also health incentives.” —Current Employee
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7. Shepherd Center
Company Rating: 4.1
What They’re Hiring For: ES Floor Technician, Registered Nurse, Recreation Therapist, Administrative Assistant, Support Analyst, Building Engineer, Dietitian, Case Manager, Medical Assistant, Central Supply Coordinator, Aquatics Coordinator, Environmental Services Aide and more.
What Employees Say: “Caring for the patients and taking pride in helping them achieve their goals after have life changing accidents is an amazing feeling. This hospital has made tremendous changes in people’s lives.” —Former Patient Care Technician
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8. Intuit 
Company Rating: 4.3
What They’re Hiring For: Staff Data Engineer, Tax Content Analyst, Data Scientist, Director Product Development, Visual Designer, Senior XD Researcher, Chief Security Architect, and more.
What Employees Say: “Very good benefits and employee-centered culture. Surrounded by a lot of very smart people. Access to cutting edge technology. Opportunities for tele-working.” —Former Senior Applications Operations Engineer
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9. Deborah Heart and Lung
Company Rating: 3.7
What They’re Hiring For: Float Secretary, Registered Nurse, Registration Services Representative, Service Attendant, Attending Physician in Clinical Cardiology, Pharmacy Technician, Director of Food and Nutrition, and more.
What Employees Say: “Deborah offers great perks. Time off earned is fantastic. It’s also a non profit organization which I was very proud to work at. Most everyone there works as a team and very loving and caring co-workers. Many people are not aware that Deborah would never send anyone a bill. Not even if you didn’t have a dime to pay for your care. Deborah has a wonderful volunteer staff as well.” —Former Patient Dispatcher
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10. Peckham
Company Rating: 4.1
What They’re Hiring For: Videographer, Help Desk Technician, Customer Service Representative, Environmental Services Technician, Workforce Analyst, Farm Worker, Senior Director of Business Services and more.
What Employees Say: “Aside from Peckham’s outstanding mission, excellent workplace flexibility and paid-time-off accrual; the employees at Peckham work here because we love the work we do. We remain passionate about the people we serve, because we are constantly praised and reinforced by management.” —Current Employee
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11. Uncommon Schools
Company Rating: 3.3
What They’re Hiring For: College Counselor, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Project Manager, Associate Director of 3-4 Curriculum and Assessment, Social Worker, Chief Talent Officer, Special Education Coordinator, High School History Teacher, High School Science Teacher and more.
What Employees Say: “Great staff and company is highly committed to educational opportunities for all children; decent benefits; great professional development opportunities.” —Current Middle School ELA Teacher
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some grads brainstorming ideas for shipit on the 9th floor of our sydney

12. Atlassian
Company Rating: 3.9
What They’re Hiring For: Email Producer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Software Support Engineer, Philanthropy Advocate, Technical Support Manager, R&D Project Manager, Technical Recruiter, Sr. Android Developer, Senior Commercial Counsel and more.
What Employees Say: “It’s a small, close-knit team with a mix of projects we handle independently and collaboratively across a large space. Our team lead knows that his role is to make the team reliable and available. That empowers the engineers to do the same for the services with which we are working. Those services make Hipchat function. You will never cease to find a new technology challenge to learn. There is half a floor of software engineers you’re working with day to day. Every one of them are working to deliver new features or services, and you’re working with them from an SRE perspective. That means you have to learn as fast as they do…all of them. If you are unhappy with something, speak up. Management will listen. It may be a slow process to effect change, but you can effect change if you are persistent enough.” —Current Senior Site Reliability Engineer
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13. Teach for America
Company Rating: 3.7
What They’re Hiring For: Campus Campaign Coordinator, Ambassador, Education Catalyst, Director of Learning and Development, Director of Pre-Service Operations, Senior Grands Associate, Director of Science & Engineering, External Adders Manager, and more.
What Employees Say: “Good meaningful work with very specific mission. You grow a lot as a professional. Lots of freedom to voice your opinion.” —Former Recruitment Manager
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14. Robin Hood Foundation 
Company Rating: 3.8
What They’re Hiring For: Executive Assistant, Management Assistance Associate, Early Childhood Program Officer, Management Consultant, Interim Program Officer & more.
What Employees Say: “Mission driven, impact driven, hard working people, great environment, fun culture, great benefits.” —Current Employee
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15. Cadence Design Systems 
Company Rating: 4.1
What They’re Hiring For: Facility Specialist Intern, Associate Product Manager, Software Engineer, Principal Product Validation Engineer, Design Engineer, HR Assistant, Channel Partner, AWS Solution Architect, and more.
What Employees Say: “Good offer and an employee focus company. One of the best EDA company with better overall benefit. The company is willing to invest in its people.” —Current Employee
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