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Top Companies for Diversity & Inclusion

Posted by Emily Moore

Last Updated Oct 11, 2019
|20 min read

These days most companies know how important diversity is — after all, diversity can boost innovation, productivity and even financial performance. But despite that, many companies still struggle when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Some companies don't view it as a top business priority, some don't know how to start and still others are paying lip service only without taking real action. But make no mistake — there are companies out there that are getting it right.

To identify and honor these forward-thinking companies, we're highlighting some of the best companies for diversity and inclusion. If you're looking for a company where you can bring your whole self to work, check out their job opportunities and apply today!

Rush University Medical Center

D&I Details: "Rush’s commitment to recruit and hire qualified individuals with disabilities, veterans, and people who live on the West Side of Chicago serves its goal of having a diverse workforce that reflects the communities that Rush serves. Rush understands that its employees will provide the best services possible when they can bring their authentic selves to work and feel valued and supported. To support the inclusion of our diverse team members, Rush has active and engaged Employee Resource Groups or affinity groups for LGBTQ employees, women, veterans, individuals with disabilities and Chicago’s West Side residents."

Where Hiring: Chicago, IL

What Employees Say: "They perform annual employee satisfaction surveys to identify staff concerns/complaints and makes strides to improve what they can. Great opportunity for advancement and lateral transfers. Great benefits." Current RN Staff Nurse

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D&I Details: "It takes all of us to make Visa a place where everyone feels they belong. So, we provide our people with tools and training to become more aware and informed professionals … and people. Our Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing our diversity and inclusion efforts together with our CEO and Chief Diversity Officer. At least quarterly, the Committee meets to review, recommend and develop opportunities to enhance our D&I initiatives, model diverse and inclusive behaviors and drive accountability for our program and results. Our Diversity & Inclusion College within Visa University includes tools, trainings and resources to help employees become more aware and informed. It’s available to every employee, everywhere. We also instituted Unconscious Bias Training to help identify and eliminate hidden stereotypes and biases. And, all people managers are encouraged to complete Inclusive Leadership Training to drive inclusion on an individual, team and company level."

Where Hiring: Foster City, CA; San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; Austin, TX; Ashburn, VA; Phoenix, AZ; Miami, FL & more.

What Employees Say: “Encourages innovation, best IT techs ever, great benefits and compensation, promotes diversity, gives back to the community. CEO is engaged with the people, customers, and the market. Great place to work. —Current Director

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Here Technologies

D&I Details: "HERE’s vision is to enable an Autonomous World for everyone. To achieve this, we’re committed to creating a culture that embraces inclusion, diversity and belonging for everyone. Inclusion not only makes our employees feel welcomed and supported, but the inclusion of diverse perspectives helps drive innovation and create the world we want to live in. We foster a culture where the uniqueness and creativity from individual employees fuels our success and allows each of us to Be True to who we are. As we drive innovation to realize an Autonomous World for everyone… we want our employees, our partners and our customers to always feel “I belong HERE”."

Where Hiring: Boston, MA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Boulder, CO; Berkeley, CA; Chicago, IL; Alpharetta, GA; Seattle, WA & more.

What Employees Say: “I've really come to appreciate how flexible our company is in terms of working hours, work from home, time off (we just switched to a new unlimited time off policy which has been great). In speaking with other friends they are quite blown away by the work/life balance that HERE provides. Also, I feel as though the company is really trying to tackle some hard and complex problems which I appreciate. It's not always easy and some projects can be quite grueling, but I'd rather work on something meaningful and challenging.” —Current Employee

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D&I Details: “Equality in the workplace has never been more relevant than it is today. In fact, our research shows that equality is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth. It drives creativity and inspires a sense of belonging. It’s why we’re committed to championing a culture of equality. One where our people are empowered to be their best, professionally and personally. Our diversity helps us bring unique perspectives and skills to the table. And our culture ensures we can all leverage these unique contributions to the benefit of our clients and our communities. As equals, anything is possible.”

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; San Antonio, TX; Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO & more

What Employees Say: “Accenture definitely fosters a healthy working environment across the board from challenging you, having diverse projects, promoting a very diverse work place, having flexibility in how you complete your work, and always pushing you in regards to professional and personal growth.” —Current Business Analyst

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accenture employees


D&I Details: Elena Rodriguez, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Novartis shares: "My vision is that we live D&I at Novartis. I want everyone to feel heard, respected and valued. Our culture aspiration as a company is to become more self-aware, more curious about each other, with more inspiring and empowering leaders. I see D&I at the heart of this aspiration, and it starts with listening. Taking time to listen to someone is a powerful act of inclusion; it shows that you are curious about them, it creates an opportunity to learn something new, it says: “I hear you. I value you. You matter.” When leaders take time to do this, it can have a particularly strong impact, even if it is only a brief hallway conversation. This small act of caring may inspire a person to find a new solution to bring medicine to patients faster, or simply make them feel recognized for who they are. From a strategic perspective, D&I is a key enabler. Our business needs diverse people working in an inclusive environment in order to spark more innovation, improve our productivity and be sustainable. Our employees expect the same to enable their personal and professional growth, and increase their impact in the world. I want D&I to be a fundamental part of how we serve our people, patients, and customers."

Where Hiring: Cambridge, MA; San Diego, CA; Morris Plains, NJ; Raleigh, NC; Melville, NY & more

What Employees Say: “Great science and good group of people. Compensation was generous. Amazing work-life balance. Great resources to learn from.” —Former Scientist

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D&I Details: “We seed our culture to foster inclusion, ignite confidence and build a sense of community so that all of our employees can grow and thrive. And to make sure the seeds we plant take root and grow, our managers are expected to ensure their team members are heard, their ideas cultivated and leveraged to make a difference. We believe this is the best and only way to drive innovative solutions that deliver better care to more patients worldwide.”

Where Hiring: Boulder, CO; Pittsburgh, PA; Houston, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Atlanta, GA & more

What Employees Say: “Great salary and benefits. Excellent culture that prides itself on diversity.” —Former Employee

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D&I Details: “In all aspects of employment, we treat employees justly according to their abilities to meet the requirements of the role. We will not discriminate based on factors such as race, religion, colour, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression or marital status.

However, our commitment goes beyond industry standards and policies. We are one of the few FTSE 100 companies to have made diversity and inclusion a business priority while all our markets have built-in diversity and inclusion plans within their talent and organisation strategies. These plans are supported by robust governance, with direct oversight and responsibility from the HR Director and Managing Director in each market.”

Where Hiring: New York, NY; Norwalk, CT; Seattle, WA; Plainfield, IL; Carson City, NV & more

What Employees Say: “Great place to learn a strong fundamental marketing framework that can apply across industries. Good work-life balance and flexibility with working from home if you manage it for yourself, good benefits. Some great people and the opportunity to move around globally or departments.” —Former Employee

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Gap Inc.

D&I Details: “Embracing the differences we all bring to work is where diversity and inclusion begin … but at Gap Inc., that’s truly only the beginning. Our Equality & Belonging Network Groups (EBNGs) were created by our employees to ensure that we build a work force that reflects our customer base and the communities where we do business, and develop a company culture and network that embraces differences and individuality.

Members come from different brands, levels, and capacities to create a space of learning and inclusion for all. These groups provide a platform for employees to share ideas, accelerate careers, and help contribute to our company growth.”

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA; Erlanger, KY; Albuquerque, NM; East Fishkill, NY; Groveport, OH & more

What Employees Say: “Large org with career opportunities across the business / brands & company supports that development; beyond great product, the company is committed to supporting local and global communities; fun and professional co-workers; overall great culture.” —Current Employee

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D&I Details: "With 35,000 employees around the globe, diversity is part and parcel of every day life at Kering. Across our Group, we share the belief that an inclusive company culture is a rich source of creation and innovation. We made our belief a reality in 2004 with the signing of our Diversity Charter—making Kering a pioneer for workplace diversity in France. The charter, which commits to a Group-wide inclusive hiring policy, engages every employee to support diversity and condemn all forms of workplace discrimination."

Where Hiring: New York, NY; Secaucus, NJ; Miami, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Honolulu, HI & more

What Employees Say: “Fantastic projects to lead in an open-minded team that wants to get the best from you. I would advocate anyone to go working for this on growing company.” —Former Employee

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Office workers / businesswomen sitting at a desk


D&I Details: “ACCIONA has approved an Equality Plan for the defense and effective application of the universal principle of equality between women and men. An Action Plan was developed in 2009 and the first steps towards implementation have already been taken.

All ACCIONA subcontractor contracts and purchase agreements include a clause which requires the subcontractor to respect the principles and obligations of the Organic Law on the Effective Equality of Women and Men in order to prevent sexual or gender-based harassment and any other type of direct or indirect discrimination.”

Where Hiring: Chicago, IL; Ashley, ND; Oklahoma (remote)

What Employees Say: “Acciona is a leader developing utility-scale renewables in Latin America and Europe. Working there exposes you to world's iconic projects that look great on a resume.” —Former Employee

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Bristol-Myers Squibb

D&I Details: “At Bristol-Myers Squibb, we provide employees at all levels with resources related to unconscious bias and diversity insights. In addition, we offer a broad range of best-in-class professional training and education for the career advancement and leadership development of employees. Through a groundbreaking partnership with Columbia University Graduate School of Business, Bristol-Myers Squibb offers LEAD (Lead. Engage. Accelerate. Develop.), an accelerated leadership development program for women and multicultural employees who demonstrate strong leadership potential. The program is designed to accelerate the movement and to improve readiness and visibility of high performing and traditionally under-represented employees into positions of greater responsibility.”

Where Hiring: Princeton, NJ; Tampa, FL; Redwood City, CA; Devens, MA; Manchester, NH & more

What Employees Say: “Truly seem patient focused. Management cares about employees. Integrity and to do what is right is an overwhelming theme.” —Senior Territory Business Manager

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D&I Details: "UCB has been named among the Top 25 companies in the 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Index. This reflects our continued efforts to ensure that our workforce reflects the wider community.

Diversity and inclusion matter here at UCB. We want to bring life-changing medicines to patients around the world and to play an active, positive role in the communities where we operate. It is vital that our teams are connected to our local and global communities; that we see ourselves in those we serve and that our patients see themselves in us."

Where Hiring: Atlanta, GA; Raleigh, NC; Madison, WI; Toledo, OH; Huntington, WV & more

What Employees Say: “Friendly people and great training. I love what the company stands for and the support they give their employees. This is the one Biotech company that truly puts the patient first! Amazing healthcare benefits.” —Current Senior Sales Consultant

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D&I Details: "Our business environment is changing and we must continually adapt. We need to ensure that we have, and make best use of, varied skills, perspectives and backgrounds to address these business issues in order to be successful today and tomorrow. The best solutions will come by gaining different perspectives, asking and answering hard questions and challenging the status quo. Our success in creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace will directly impact our ability to bring targeted treatment to patients."

Where Hiring: Indianapolis, IN; Branchburg, NJ; Tucson, AZ; Boston, MA; Santa Clara, CA & more

What Employees Say: “Awesome culture and co-workers. Everyone is dedicated, hard working, and intelligent. With a company this large, there is always room to move around.” —Current Research Scientist

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Woolworths Group

D&I Details: "Celebrating diversity in all its forms is part of creating a vibrant and inclusive place to work; where everyone can bring their whole selves to work and our LGBTI community are supported and respected. In 2018, Woolworths Group was proud to be recognised as a Gold Tier Employer in the Australian Workplace Equality Index for our continued commitment to creating an inclusive culture. Recognised across Woolworths Group, ‘Wear it Purple Day’ is a day where our stores can celebrate diversity. Wear it Purple Day is about letting our LGBTI peers know that they are supported and respected. With a focus on LGBTI youth, Wear it Purple Day has a simple message – everyone has the right to be proud of who they are. Find out more at"

Where Hiring: Portland, OR; Bella Vista, AR; Seaford, NY; Broadway, VA; Dickson, TN & more

What Employees Say: “Woolworths provides [an] open, comforting environment for all employees and encourages people to work together well in a team environment.” —Current Customer Service Representative

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nestlé usa employees join a company town hall


D&I Details: "Nestlé’s Diversity and Inclusion starts with a culture of support and empowerment, aided by employee-led engagement groups, inclusive hiring approaches, and company-wide learning and development. Innovation starts with listening to diverse voices. Through unconscious bias training and workplace flexibility policies, we work to remove constraints that limit employees of diverse backgrounds. Our commitment goes beyond representation and partnerships – it’s about the way we treat one another. It’s an expectation that we all are acting in a way which fosters a society that is inclusive of all."

Where Hiring: Arlington, VA; Solon, OH; Anderson, IN; Laurel, MD; Trenton, MO & more

What Employees Say: “Nestle provides an open and inclusive environment that provides accelerated career growth opportunities, excellent work life balance & flexibility, and the ability to impact business results quickly.” —Current Manager

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D&I Details: "Inclusive Design is a methodology, born out of digital environments, that enables and draws on the full range of human diversity. Most importantly, this means including and learning from people with a range of perspectives. Exclusion happens when we solve problems using our own biases. As Microsoft designers, we seek out those exclusions, and use them as opportunities to create new ideas and inclusive designs."

Where Hiring: Redmond, WA; San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC; New York, NY; Fargo, ND & more

What Employees Say: “This is a place to exercise your growth mindset. The company values diversity in all senses, including thinking. Management embraces failures and victories at balance as everything is an opportunity to learn. If you have the grit to continuously improve yourself and your career, this is the place for you.” —Current Technology Solutions Professional

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D&I Details: "The Colgate culture is one that reflects our values of caring, global teamwork and continuous improvement, as well as our unwavering commitment to integrity in everything we do. Building skills and developing Colgate people is critical to our success. Our leaders take responsibility for valuing the contributions of all Colgate people and have the knowledge and skills necessary to transform the work environment into one where all employees can contribute fully to meet the business goals."

Where Hiring: New York, NY; Emporia, KS; Hodges, SC; Piscataway, NJ;  Cambridge, OH & more

What Employees Say: “Challenging roles that every day is different, keeps you fresh. Lot of diversity in colleagues. Caring Company.” —Current Employee

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Procter & Gamble

D&I Details: "We know the importance of diversity in the workplace. That's why we attract, hire, and keep diverse people on our team so that we can better understand our world and our consumers. To keep that talent here, we’re creating opportunities and investing in plans for hiring, retaining, and developing them—to the executive level. For over 40 years, our Supplier Diversity program has been awarding contracts to women- and minority-owned businesses—including military vets, people with disabilities, and LGBT owners. When our Supply Network reflects the diversity of our consumers, employees, and stakeholders, our community thrives."

Where Hiring: Cincinnati, OH; Boston, MA; Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; Sacramento, CA & more

What Employees Say: “Great company to work for, offers challenges where you can learn from and improve your skills. Good work environment and benefits.” —Former Employee

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Eli Lilly and Company

D&I Details: "A focus on diversity and inclusion is built into our workplace culture. From recruiting and hiring to talent management processes, we see direct benefit when our workforce is not only representative of a the marketplace we serve, but fully engaged so we benefit from each employee’s diverse views and ideas."

Where Hiring: Indianapolis, IN; Branchburg, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; San Diego, CA; Fort Dodge, IA & more

What Employees Say: “The benefits are absolutely wonderful, especially as someone who just graduated and is trying to stick with a good company. I love the culture and most people are very friendly. Additionally it seems people are already open to networking and sharing their knowledge, especially if you are looking to move to a different area.” —Current Machine Operator

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hp inc office

HP Inc.

D&I Details: "In a world that is growing and evolving every day, HP creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. HP innovation springs from a team of individuals, each collaborating and contributing their own perspectives, knowledge, and experience to advance the way the world works and lives. From our earliest days, we’ve recognized that capturing and drawing from diverse points of view improves our products and services — and our company as a whole."

Where Hiring: Palo Alto, CA; Boise, ID; Vancouver, WA; Houston, TX; Corvallis, OR & more

What Employees Say: “There are many options for career experiences and different roles. It's a major corporation which performs at a high level. Great peers who have great values and are great to work with.” —