20 Highest Paying Unicorn Companies

From hitching a ride in someone’s car, to wearable devices, to renting out someone’s own home for the weekend, innovative technology companies have changed the world and the way people travel, make purchases, communicate, work and play.

In fact, many of today’s emerging technologies are thanks to smaller, younger companies that are growing quickly. Several of these companies are known as ‘unicorn companies,’ referencing private companies with estimated valuations at $1 billion or more.

But behind these successful companies, there are the employees who make it all happen. So how much money do unicorn company employees really make? And which unicorn companies pay the best?

We crunched the numbers on unicorn companies (according to CrunchBase) and found that the average employee at many of these companies is taking home a six-figure paycheck. Curious which unicorn companies pay the highest base salaries on average, along with the jobs they’re hiring for? Check out our report on the Top 20 Highest Paying Unicorn Companies (methodology* further below):

20 Highest Paying Unicorn Companies

  1. Cloudera
  1. Jawbone
  1. Medallia
  1. Pinterest
  1. Dropbox
  1. Airbnb
  1. Kabam
  1. AppDynamics
  1. Credit Karma
  1. Okta
  1. MongoDB
  1. Palantir Technologies
  1. Twilio
  1. AppNexus
  1. Uber
  1. Eventbrite
  1. Zuora
  1. Gilt Groupe
  1. DocuSign
  1. MediaMath

 Want to know how much other employees make? Search salaries on Glassdoor by company, job title and location.

 *Methodology: This report identifies the highest paying unicorn companies (private companies with a valuation of $1 billion or more, as identified by CrunchBase as of 11/4/15) with the highest median annual base salary as reported on Glassdoor by employees over the past two years (9/1/13-8/31/15). Companies considered for this report must have received at least 30 annual salary reports in U.S. dollars by full-time employees. In cases where companies have the same median annual base salary, the company that received the higher number of salary reports submitted during this timeframe receives the higher rank. Valuations for each company is according to CrunchBase as of 11/4/15. Square and Atlassian were listed on CrunchBase as unicorns as of 11/4/15, however the companies were not considered for this list because they have announced plans to go public.