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20 Most Popular Jobs for College Graduates

After four years of intense studying, group projects, research papers, and the occasional all-nighter, college students’ hard work is finally rewarded with a degree. But rather than being able to sit back and relax, many grads are faced with a new problem to tackle: Where do they go from here?

If you’re struggling to figure out your post-college career path, you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, the 1.8 million students expected to graduate with a bachelor’s degree this year are in the same boat!

We’ve analyzed tens of thousands of resumes to identify the most common jobs college students hold after graduating, as well as which majors are most associated with them. This list can help inform what your next big step after college should be, and what types of positions you should apply for. Who knows? You may just find the job that fits your life perfectly.

1. Sales Associate
  • Top Majors: Business, English, Political Science
  • Median Base Pay: $38,000

Available Sales Associate Jobs

Junior Sales Associate-Paid Training
Amarillo Management
Amarillo, TX
3 days ago 3d
Automotive Sales Associate
Virginia Tire & Auto
Manassas, VA
6 days ago 6d
Sales Associate
Hudson Group
Dallas, TX
5 days ago 5d
2. Research Assistant
  • Top Majors: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Median Base Pay: $28,855

Available Research Assistant Jobs

16 hours ago 16h
Chemistry Research Assistant
Agios Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA
3 days ago 3d
Research Assistant
Odyssey House (NY)
New York, NY
5 days ago 5d
3. Teaching Assistant
  • Top Majors: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Median Base Pay: $20,000

Available Teaching Assistant Jobs

RN, Registered Nurse- IMCU-$10,000 Sign on Bonus
San Antonio, TX
6 days ago 6d
Assistant Teacher Floater
Babes on the Square
Wilmington, DE
3 days ago 3d
4. Intern
  • Top Majors: Psychology, Finance, Economics
  • Median Base Pay: $30,000

Available Intern Jobs

Spring Intern
Barokas Public Relations
Seattle, WA
2 days ago 2d
Sales Operations Intern
Tinley Park, IL
1 day ago 1d
Marketing Intern
Gopher Sport
Owatonna, MN
5 days ago 5d
5. Administrative Assistant
  • Top Majors: Business, Psychology, Communications
  • Median Base Pay: $40,000

Available Administrative Assistant Jobs

HR Payroll Administrative Assistant
Era Living
Seattle, WA
2 days ago 2d
4 days ago 4d
Administrative Assistant
Boston, MA
2 days ago 2d
6. Account Manager
  • Top Majors: Business, Marketing, Communications
  • Median Base Pay: $50,000

Available Account Manager Jobs

Senior Account Manager
Site Impact
Coconut Creek, FL
5 days ago 5d
Account Manager - Select
PayneWest Insurance
Bozeman, MT
2 days ago 2d
Senior Account Manager
Coface North America Insurance
Princeton, NJ
2 days ago 2d
7. Social Media Manager
  • Top Majors: Communications, English, Public Relations
  • Median Base Pay: $44,000

Available Social Media Manager Jobs

Social Media Marketing Manager
Maximus Real Estate Partners
San Francisco, CA
6 days ago 6d
Social Media Jr Marketing Manager
Market Traders Institute, Inc.
Orlando, FL
1 day ago 1d
3 days ago 3d
8. Software Engineer
  • Top Majors: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology
  • Median Base Pay: $90,000

Available Software Engineer Jobs

Software Development Engineer II
Seattle, WA
6 days ago 6d
Software Engineer III
Risk Management Solutions (RMS)
Newark, CA
1 day ago 1d
Software Engineer
Ping Identity
Austin, TX
3 days ago 3d
9. Case Manager
  • Top Majors: Psychology, Nursing, Criminal Justice
  • Median Base Pay: $37,000

Available Case Manager Jobs

RN Case Manager
Port Arthur, TX
6 days ago 6d
Case Management Manager for Josephine and Jackson Counties
Options for Southern Oregon
Grants Pass, OR
1 day ago 1d
High Needs Case Manager
Arizona’s Children Association
Sierra Vista, AZ
2 days ago 2d
10. Data Analyst
  • Top Majors: Mathematics, Information Technology, Economics
  • Median Base Pay: $60,000

Available Data Analyst Jobs

RN Clinical Data Analyst- Quality
Corpus Christi, TX
6 days ago 6d
Clinical Data Analyst
The Mentor Network
4 days ago 4d
Data Warehouse Analyst
Fort Worth, TX
6 days ago 6d
11. Engineer
  • Top Majors: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering
  • Median Base Pay: $70,500

Available Engineer Jobs

Sales Engineer
Cain-Forlaw Company
Austin, TX
19 hours ago 19h
Owatonna, MN
3 days ago 3d
FusionStorm, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
3 days ago 3d
12. Marketing Coordinator
  • Top Majors: Marketing, Communications, Public Relations
  • Median Base Pay: $43,000

Available Marketing Coordinator Jobs

Marketing Coordinator
SF Police Credit Union
San Bruno, CA
1 day ago 1d
Marketing Coordinator
Fairfax, VA
6 days ago 6d
Marketing Coordinator
Purchase, NY
2 days ago 2d
13. Web Developer
  • Top Majors: Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Philosophy
  • Median Base Pay: $60,960

Available Web Developer Jobs

Social Media & Web Developer
Cedar Knolls, NJ
4 days ago 4d
Summer Web Developer Internship
Indianapolis, IN
2 days ago 2d
16 hours ago 16h
14. Financial Analyst
  • Top Majors: Finance, Economics, Accounting
  • Median Base Pay: $64,453

Available Financial Analyst Jobs

4 days ago 4d
Senior Financial Analyst
DAKCS Software Systems
Ogden, UT
4 days ago 4d
1 day ago 1d
15. Operations Manager
  • Top Majors: Business, Sports Management, Hospitality Management
  • Median Base Pay: $59,000

Available Operations Manager Jobs

2 days ago 2d
Sales Operations Manager
Columbus, OH
1 day ago 1d
Market / Operations Manager
Dominion Dealer Specialties
Chicago, IL
5 days ago 5d
16. Lab Technician
  • Top Majors: Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry
  • Median Base Pay: $39,000

Available Lab Technician Jobs

Certified Lab Technician
Surgery Center
Cobb, GA
3 days ago 3d
Medical Lab Technician - MLT- NGPG Resource Pool
Northeast Georgia Health System
Gainesville, GA
4 days ago 4d
Experienced Denture Lab Technician
Shreveport, LA
6 days ago 6d
17. Pharmacy Technician
  • Top Majors: Biology, Anthropology, Health Sciences
  • Median Base Pay: $32,000

Available Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Pharmacy Technician
AdventHealth Gordon and Murray
Calhoun, GA
3 days ago 3d
In House Pharmacy Technician
CarolinaEast Medical Center
New Bern, NC
5 days ago 5d
Pharmacy Technician - Retail/Community
CareerStaff Unlimited
Dallas, TX
3 days ago 3d
18. Substitute Teacher
  • Top Majors: Education, Liberal Arts, Music
  • Median Base Pay: $25,000

Available Substitute Teacher Jobs

Regional Substitute Teacher
Little Sprouts
Dracut, MA
15 hours ago 15h
24 hours ago 24h
Long Term Substitute Teacher
New Story
Mountville, PA
3 days ago 3d
19. Customer Service Representative
  • Top Majors: Criminal Justice, Sociology, History
  • Median Base Pay: $35,000

Available Customer Service Representative Jobs

Customer Service & Sales Representative | $15 Hourly
Rivercenter Marketing
Covington, KY
1 day ago 1d
Customer Service/ Social Service Representative
Money Management International
Clarksburg, WV
4 days ago 4d

20. Tutor

  • Top Majors: English, Spanish, Physics
  • Median Base Pay: $36,000

Available Tutor Jobs

Greenwich Education Group
Stamford, CT
4 days ago 4d
Math and Science Tutor
C2 Education
Darien, CT
4 days ago 4d
Upper Level Math Tutor
Sylvan Learning Centers
Castro Valley, CA
3 days ago 3d


*Methodology: Glassdoor’s 20 Most Popular Jobs For College Graduates identifies the most common job titles that college graduates held in the first five years of their careers. Based on the 50 most common college majors, job titles are determined by those held with the highest frequency according to a recent study by Glassdoor Economic Research, The Pipeline Problem: How College Majors Contribute to the Gender Pay Gap, which published in April 2017. Median base pay is determined by salary reports shared anonymously on Glassdoor over the past two years (5/1/15 – 5/1/17), by full-time U.S.-based employees with five or fewer years of experience.

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