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21 Fitness Tips To Find Work-Life Balance

We recently asked our readers to give us their best health – wellness – fitness tips for people trying to find work-life balance, and boy, did readers respond! If nothing else, I know we’ve got a community of healthy eaters on our hands — nine of our tipsters recommended eating a balanced diet and/or a healthy breakfast every day. We got some excellent tips and we’d like to share them here, in case anyone missed them.

  1. You reap future health benefits by sowing good eating habits and fitness workouts today.
  2. Stand up as often as you can, sitting too long is bad for you in many ways, take that call, type that memo, check email— standing up!
  3. I love finding fast, fun workouts that I can do around lunchtime. One of my favorite sites is, which offers 10-15 minute pilates and cardio videos, along with clean eating tips. Another great site is
  4. Finding an activity that has nothing to do with the job is the best way to relieve the stress. Whether it’s reading, a crafting hobby, or just taking out your frustrations in a run or workout, working on the balance is the best wellness tip I’ve gotten.
  5. Use a treadmill desk! Walk while you work.
  6. Meal Planning!  It saves so much time and money.
  7. Read the label. If it contains something that you cannot pronounce and/or doesn’t sound like food, don’t eat it!
  8. Make sure to eat a well balanced breakfast every day because no matter how busy you are, you need to have the strength to carry on all day, and starting with a well balanced breakfast will give you that strength.
  9. Follow a good eating plan.  If you mess up, make peace with it and get back on track.  Also, just make the time to move.  You can’t get any exercise done if you don’t schedule it into your day.
  10. After a morning of sitting and working – I spend the afternoons active with my kids. Go bug-hunting, play a game of tag or just chase each other around being silly (yes, I have boys). It keeps you young, keeps them active too and gives you quality time together because that is why we cherish our flexible jobs – right?
  11. I try to go to the gym first thing in the morning. That way I have no excuse not to go and I’m not tired.  The exercise makes me feel good and I don’t feel guilty for sitting at the computer for the rest of the day.
  12. Find an exercise you love—my favorite is a kickboxing class at my local gym—keeps me going back and is a lot more fun than a cardio machine.
  13. I always try to keep the circulation going by moving my ankles in a circular motion, especially when sitting for long periods.
  14. Your stomach is not a waste basket. Don’t treat it as though it is one.
  15. Bring snacks to work, and lunch as often as you can, it will be healthier.
  16. Stop checking your email so much. Try three or 4 times a day, tops. If someone needs something that urgently, they can call.
  17. Learn a few calisthenics – you can exercise anywhere, anytime.
  18. Start the day with a hearty and healthy breakfast, and keep it moving!
  19. Start any morning off with a prayer to God asking for guidance for the day. Next laugh and have fun at whatever you are doing. Go for a walk at lunch time, encourage people, say “Hi” to someone you don’t know.
  20. “Pay yourself first”. A smart rule when referring to personal savings, it’s even more important when it comes to fitness and exercise. Set “fitness meetings” that cannot be missed, much like important meetings in the office. Set them, attend them, and excel at them. And eat breakfast – everyday!!!
  21. Find an exercise you don’t have to rearrange your life to do. If it is something you can reasonably find time/resources to do, you are more likely to do it.

Our big thanks to everyone who contributed a tip for our work-life balance. We are so happy to have a community of thoughtful, intelligent professionals in which to find collective wisdom. – Originally posted on FlexJobs by Brie Reynolds