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25 Best Tech Companies To Work For (Silicon Alley Business Insider with the help of Glassdoor)

How does your tech employer rank among other companies in the industry? Today, Silicon Alley Insider reports on the 25 Best Tech Companies to Work For*, a list compiled with the help of Glassdoor.

Google, long known for employee perks offered at the Googleplex and beyond, topped the list. CEO Eric Schmidt holds a 97% approval rating and the company currently holds a 3.9 rating – and it’s not just because of the food. Employees are proud to be a part of the search king and comments include:

“Intelligent, hard-working co-workers who are all such interesting people with incredible talents beyond their work.” – Google Senior People Programs Specialist (Mountain View, CA)

“Upper management is very transparent and open.” – Google Employee (Seattle, WA)

Even with layoff concerns and recent employment uncertainty, Adobe ranks as the second best tech employer on SAI’s list. Employees note the collaborative environment and top notch products as a reason to love their job. Recent reviews include:

“I respect Adobe’s management/senior leadership and believe that the company has a solid strategy for meeting the challenges of the future.” – Adobe Employee (San Jose, CA)

“Very good benefits, from PTO to health plans. Discounted software. Flexible work hours – must be in core hours but able to work from home on occasion.” – Adobe Employee (San Francisco, CA)

What about current Wall Street favorite Apple (APPL)? Apple receives a company rating of 3.8 and comes in 4th on the list of top 25 tech companies, and CEO Steve Jobs receives a 98% approval rating. Employees report on the focus around customer satisfaction while also being treated to high salaries, exceptional discounts and freebies, and solid benefits—but occasionally long hours. Recent reviews include:

“Great senior level management, I can see how Steve Jobs gets voted the Best CEO. Streamlined operations, very lean, disciplined and focused. You feel proud working for the company.” – Apple Engineer (Cupertino, CA)

“The best reason to work at Apple is that everyone is passionate about what they do. You work with people that share your interest in technology and more importantly are invested in helping people.” – Apple Genius (location n/a)

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* Top 25 tech companies based on reports including 25 company and CEO approval ratings