3 Ways To Attract Gen Y Candidates To Your Company

Generation Y (born 1977-1997, also known as “Millennials”) are known for being talented, tech-savvy individuals. They will be the future of your company—do you know what motivates them?

In order to attract Millennials, you need to understand what they’re looking for in an employer. Here are a few statistics:

  • On a one-to-ten scale, Gen Y candidates rated “working with a manager I can respect and learn from” the highest at 8.74. Closely following were “working with people I enjoy” and “having a work/life balance.”
  • 85% of Millennials said that the opportunity to work with the most innovative technologies was important to then when it came to considering a job opportunity.
  • Their top three job considerations were salary, benefits and advancement opportunities.
  • Their top three benefit considerations were healthcare, vacation time and dental care.

With these statistics in mind, here are three ways you can attract Gen Y candidates:

Educate and train your management team. Generation Y requires more mentorship and guidance than previous generations, but they also have less boundaries between work and life. Once your managers know what motivates this generation, they can do a great job managing them and meeting their needs.

Go where they are. Since they grew up with the latest technology, Gen Y members are highly engaged in social media (such as Twitter or Facebook) and spend a lot of their time on these sites. Connect with them where they spend their time and educate yourself on how to best use these tools. For example, many are turning to Glassdoor to find out what it’s like to work at your company.

Recruit them to help with marketing to other Millennials. Gen Y understands their peers and how they operate much better than you can – attract them to your organization by asking them for input and advice on marketing to their peers.

With more than 80 million members of this generation, you’ll need to understand what motivates Generation Y in order to attract and retain them at your company.

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