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4 Free Tools To Build An Effective Online Portfolio

To get ahead in today’s workforce, professionals must distinguish themselves from the competition. No matter what industry you work in, having an online portfolio to showcase your work and contact information all in one space makes you an attractive candidate for hiring managers – and makes it simple for people in your industry to find and collaborate with you.

There are a few tools of the trade that every professional should consider using to build an online portfolio that will capture attention, be searchable online, and serve as a one-stop shop for showcasing your skills, accomplishments, and capabilities.

Here are four free tools to help you build your online portfolio:

1. WordPress

A popular content management system (CMS), WordPress offers users a way to build a personal website and online portfolio that is search engine optimized, professional-looking, and easy to maintain. Users can purchase a domain name and web hosting from a provider such as GoDaddy and then use any of the 1600+ free themes to build an online portfolio that is visually stimulating and easy to navigate. There are numerous tutorials online that the WordPress novice can use to learn how to use this platform. After reading a few FAQs, anyone can build a stand-out online portfolio.

2. Flavors.Me

This tool provides a way for professionals to unify their fragmented online presence. Flavors.Me does this by creating a profile where content from numerous sites on the web can be included in one place. This free site is a great online portfolio tool for anyone looking to have a customized landing page where they can easily share their social media profiles and content from multiple places in one place. Users can choose to upgrade to a premium account, which gives them the option to use a custom domain name.

3. Weebly

With more than 12 million users, Weebly is one of the simplest online tools that can be used to build an online portfolio. You can utilize this site to purchase a domain, web hosting, and to design your site. It is a user-friendly tool that makes web design as simple as a few clicks of the mouse, while still giving users the ability to customize HTML. Users can upload 5MB files, including documents such as resumes and writing samples, or purchase a pro account and get unlimited uploads of up to 100MB. There are ample free templates that can be used to customize the look and feel of your portfolio, and even free accounts allow users to optimize web pages for easy online searchability.

4. WorkSimple

Another simple tool for professionals to use for creating online portfolio, WorkSimple, recognizes that self-marketing must go beyond a traditional resume and allows users to build a portfolio that includes a career focus and goals. Not only can you showcase your work and accomplishments, but you can also receive professional endorsements and share your work on social networks.

When deciding which site to utilize for sharing your professional accomplishments and showcasing your experience, use whichever tool has features that someone in your industry needs. For instance, if you’re a web designer, using a site like WordPress will allow you to build an online portfolio and showcase your design skills. Be selective and be sure to optimize your site with keywords so that it’s easily found online.