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4 Reasons Recruiters Don’t Call Back

Job seekers are very familiar with the time commitment and stress of searching for a new job. When performing your job search, you can spend hours upon hours perfecting your resume and cover letter, applying for jobs, and waiting to hear feedback from recruiters. However, after you’ve applied for 10 or 15 jobs and haven’t heard from a single company, it’s easy to become discouraged about your search.

This frustrating cycle can be recognized as the recruiting black hole. This term describes the millions of applications that go seemingly unnoticed by recruiters. Many job seekers spend countless hours applying for jobs online, yet don’t see the results they anticipate.

If you’re wondering why recruiters haven’t contacted you about your resume, here are some reasons why your resume could have disappeared into the black hole of recruiting:

1. You aren’t qualified for the position. Ask yourself: Did I honestly meet the requirements of the job posting? If the position you applied for required you to have at least five years of experience and you only have two, many recruiters will ignore your resume. Job postings provide qualifications to help recruiters weed out candidates who lack experience; therefore, if your resume doesn’t fulfill the requirements, it likely won’t make it to their desk.

2. You overlooked the right fit. According to a recent study, many job seekers only spend one minute to determine if a job opening is the right fit and can only determine a good fit 38 percent of the time. This means roughly six out of 10 job openings viewed by job seekers are a bad fit! In addition, job seekers will also overlook two out of four opportunities that could be a good fit. What does this mean for your job search? Job seekers aren’t applying for the jobs they are best suited for, which contributes greatly to why they don’t hear back from recruiters.

3. Your resume isn’t optimized with keywords. Job seekers must use keywords in their resume in order for it to stand out to recruiters and applicant tracking systems. When you apply to jobs online, it is safe to assume your resume will run through an applicant tracking system. If you don’t include keywords to describe your skills and experience, your resume could be overlooked and prevent you from receiving an interview. To ensure your resume is noticed, use keywords from the job posting that adequately and accurately describe your experience.

4. Bad timing. Timing is everything when applying for jobs. Once you apply for a position, make sure you are constantly checking the posting for updates or changes to the requirements. Many recruiters have a small window of time when they look for talented candidates; therefore, you need to make sure your resume and cover letter are up-to-date and you follow-up with recruiters about your application.

If you feel like you are spiraling downward in your job search, there is still time to turn it around! Make sure when you apply for jobs you are spending time to thoroughly read the posting, paying attention to specific requirements, and doing your best to tailor your resume to the position. By using optimized keywords in your resume, paying attention to the details of the job posting, and applying for the right position, you will be able to make sure your resume falls into the hands of recruiters.