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4 Signs It’s Time to Find A New Job

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

April 17, 2017

Every day, Americans take control of their future by leaving the comfort of an office position to pursue their passion. Taking the leap towards becoming an entrepreneur or entirely changing one’s career direction comes with doubts and fear. The most important thing to remember is that it is better to live a fulfilled life then settle for a job you are unhappy with. We spend more of our time in the office than we do in our home, therefore, living life to the fullest should be a high priority to improve work productivity and feel valued.

A recent 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey revealed that “regardless of gender or geography, only 28 percent of Millennials feel that their current organizations are making ‘full use’ of the skills they currently have to offer.”

Do you count the hours for work to end? Do you dream about pursuing a new career? Here are a few indicators that it is time for you to find a new opportunity.

1. A Lack of Recognition in the Workplace  

Many professionals work hard to be recognized by the management team. Whether it is to find a new position or show some level of growth in a new subject, it can often feel futile when your hard work is being unnoticed. The long hours at work and helping other departments with a heavy workload might not be giving you the exposure that you deserve. If this is the case, you need to ask yourself whether it is time to move on. If the answer is yes, craft an effective resume that will help you stand out amongst the competition for a new job opportunity.


Although your hard work is not recognized at your current place of employment, be sure to highlight projects and committee work on your updated resume. There will be a company out there that will appreciate your work ethic and skills.

2. A Lack of Growth Opportunities

Some professionals work at a company for a number of years and are consistently overlooked for a promotion or have been outright rejected for a new position. This may mean that you have outgrown your current company or you are need to upgrade your skills.

Now is the time to ask yourself if you have improved your skills. You might not realize that you are being held in your position to help your boss achieve their own personal goals. While some people are happy with being in the same position, it is well within your power to pursue an opportunity that will make you happy.

3. A Part-Time Business is Taking Up Most of Your Time

Many side hustlers or part-time entrepreneurs use their full-time job to learn additional professional skills or to support their lifestyle while they work on a passion project. Juggling the two can be a demanding, albeit necessary task. However, if your business is providing customers with a high-in-demand product or service, it will become overwhelming to also work a full-time job.

Before making the transition to becoming a business owner, ask yourself if it is the right time. Determine if your business earnings will supply a standard of living plus allow you to put money aside to reinvest back into the business or save for personal reasons.

4. Your Motivation Is Waning

It’s common to lose the motivation to wake up every day to work at the same company for the rest of your life. There are some reasons why this happens, and the prudent thing to do is determine what will fulfill your needs of satisfaction at work.

Do you want to help your community? Are you looking for a different challenge? If you answered yes to either of these questions, and your current job doesn’t offer what you need, it’s time for a change. Still don’t believe us? Ask yourself if the below statements are true:

  • You know more professionals in the C-suite than in your department
  • The management team depends on you for ideas or assistance with projects
  • The president of the company publicly tells you that you are an asset to the team
  • There are job opportunities at other companies that fit your level of experience

If you’re highly regarded and well-liked amongst upper brass, but the challenge and the room for growth aren’t there, you are ready to spread your wings and fly into an entirely new position. While this may be a stressful time for you, you should celebrate because the job or lifestyle you always wanted can become a reality. As a hardworking professional, you deserve to pursue a career that fits your ethics, morals and needs to feel more fulfilled in life.

The next time you feel discouraged, remember that the most significant people in history were in the same position that you are in today. Keep your standards high, and the right opportunity will arrive. 


Makeda Waterman is a professional writer with an Education in Journalism, Mass Communications, and Public Relations. She writes for the Huffington Post Canada and Elite Daily on millennial topics with the goal of helping people improve the quality of their lives and career.

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