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4 Tips For Job Searching Long-Distance

Long-distance job searching is not easy. Besides competing with the residents in your dream city for the same position, you are also fighting against miles and different time zones. With no success just applying, you may have to change your long distance strategy.

Nothing is better than making face-to-face connections in your desired city to boost your long distance job search.

Plan ahead. First, figure out if you have the finances to plan the trip. It would not be fun if you can’t attend events or explore the city you would like to call home in the future. If you are able to go on the trip, ask family or friends if you can stay with them to reduce the cost. Have business cards, resumes, and hardcopy portfolios available just in case a connection asks for them.

Dress and act like you have a job. Act like you currently have a job. Dress the role. Wear suits everyday. You never know when someone will ask you to do an unplanned interview with a company.

Have meetings and informational interviews set up. If you know your university has an alumni chapter in your desired city, find the contact information and an alumnus in your industry to have lunch with. Have a bucket list of companies you would like to submit your resume to and set up informational interviews with them. Remember to treat your informational interviews as a formal interview. Connect with those who you met through social networking sites.

Attend events. Attend as many events as you can while you are in town. Search sites like Craigslist, Eventbrite, Yelp, Twitter or for events that deal with your industry.

Have you successfully completed a long-distance job search? What else would you suggest?