5 (Free!) Background Checks To Run On A Prospective Employer

For years, employers have been able to run background checks to get the low-down on prospective employees.  Now, thanks to technology-fueled-people power (of which Glassdoor.com is a fine example), the playing field is more even.  You can get the low-down on important, but heretofore difficult-to-know-about aspects of a prospective employer.

First a bit of background.

I’m assuming that your preference is to work for a Good Company — one that is a good employer, good seller, and good steward of the community and the environment. The evidence is very clear that these good guys make more money than their less worthy counterparts.  Hence, they are more likely to grow and prosper, which means your long-term prospects are better if you’re working for a Good Company, as opposed to one of the bad guys.  And, of course, working for a company that has happy customers (and employees) is a heck of a lot more pleasant than working someplace that has unhappy customers (and employees).

So, how can you run a background check on a prospective employer?  Here are five places to look:

Overall Good Company Grade

1. The Good Company Index® grades the Fortune 100, assigning grades of A to F, based a company’s track record as an employer, seller, and steward.

Good Employer

2. Glassdoor.com is a fabulous source of information on whether or not a company is a good employer.  It has anonymous employee reviews, plus lots of other information on more than 130,000 companies.

Good Seller

3. wRatings.com is a great source of information on whether or not a company is a good seller.  It ranks 4,000+ companies every week based on how well they meet customer expectations.

Good Steward

4. To check a company’s environmental track record take a look at Newsweek’s Green Rankings and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

5. To check whether a company is a good steward of communities take a careful look at their website to see if there is evidence that they are systematically using their core capabilities to contribute to the community or society.

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