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5 Jobs Trends to Watch in 2017

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America’s labor market in 2016 was one of the healthiest in a generation, with rising pay, record numbers of unfilled jobs and historically low unemployment. However, it’s also a time of great uncertainty, with technology and automation changing the way we work forever.

At Glassdoor, our economic research group has a unique perspective on the labor market, with access to millions of real-time job listings, salaries and company reviews that help us keep a pulse on what’s happening today in hiring, pay and the broader labor market.

In this study, we highlight five big labor market trends our experts saw unfolding during 2016, and five big changes in the job market they predict will reshape work and hiring in 2017 and beyond, including:

  • Why every employer is hiring tech roles.
  • Pay gains finally showing up for America’s workers.
  • Why employers are struggling to hire key roles.
  • How HR is being transformed by data science.
  • Automating and the changing workplace.
  • Rethinking flashy perks and benefits.
  • A growing push for pay transparency from the federal government.
  • Finally making progress on America’s gender pay gap.
  • Realizing the limits of the “gig economy.”

To learn more, read the full report and see our press release.


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