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5 Overlooked Ways to Get Hired Fast

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So life has thrown you a curve ball and you are now scrambling to find a new job. Or maybe you’ve been searching for a while, and the conventional hiring process is simply taking too long. Well, there’s good news: there are other, quicker routes to finding a job than simply applying online and anxiously clicking ‘refresh’ until you hear back from HR. If you’re looking to get employed quickly, here are five ways that you can end the month sitting in a new office chair.

1. Working for a Temp Agency

Often when a company puts out a notice that they need a temp worker, their intention is to fill the position as quickly as possible. A temp agency is in a contract to get the position staffed – so getting each desk chair filled in a timely manner is their top priority. This works in your favor: there may not be the long process of vetting, multiple interviews, and deliberation that normally accompanies the job search. Additionally, temp agencies have their own internal teams to expedite the logistics of the hiring process. And on top of a short hiring turnaround time, working with a temp agency can offer numerous other benefits, like providing the opportunity to learn new skills, make connections, and gain resume-building career experience.

2. Working for a family member or friend

While it may feel uncomfortable to approach a family member or friend about the possibility of employment, there’s no one who cares more about your success than the people closest to you. And even if they can’t personally hire you, family and friends can provide the references, introductions, and insider knowledge you need to slide into your next gig. Remember, however, that no matter your connections, you still need to prove yourself to be a competent employee. This means a polished resume and cover letter, a professional attitude, and a willingness to jump right in.

3. Joining an online freelance platform

Websites like Upwork and Tispr help freelancers connect with clients at lightning speed. Upwork is the world’s largest freelancer marketplace, with millions of clients and freelancers registered. Freelancing can range from a one-time task to a longer term gig. Recently, freelance employment has been on the rise. According to a recent study by the financial software company Intuit, freelancers will comprise 40% of the workforce in the United States by 2020. Whether you use freelancing to sustain yourself while looking for a longer job or it’s the bread and butter of your income, it’s one of the fastest ways to find employment – especially when you can source clients online.

4. Walking in with a resume

There’s no greater show of confidence and verve than dropping off your resume on the spot. This strategy is particularly effective for positions in retail, hospitality, food service, and similar industries. For jobs in large companies with strict hiring processes, it’s not unheard of to score a job by walking up to HR with your resume in hand, but much less likely. Particularly important for this strategy is having a polished, professional-looking resume, and practicing how to be able to talk about your work experience concisely and compellingly.

5. Saying you’ll start right away

It’s in the best interest of whoever is hiring to get the position filled as quickly as possible. So if a hiring manager is deciding between you and another candidate who can’t start until next month, telling them you’ll start right away can be your ticket in. The more flexible you’re willing to be, the more likely you’ll be recruited as a good fit for the position.

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