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5 Reasons Why You Need a Supportive Manager

While leaders often think they support their staff, employees tend to disagree. As a result, they search for that support elsewhere.

Having a supportive manager at work is more important to job seekers than employers think. In fact, a 2015 Workplace Trends survey reported that nearly 40 percent of the 412 Millennials surveyed said their organization suffers from poor leadership.

Thirty-nine percent say the biggest problem with their company’s leadership is their ability to develop others and an additional 50 percent say their lack of communication is a major problem at work.

Fortunately, the new year is upon us; a time to start fresh. Here are five reasons why you want to start this year with a supportive manager:

Reason #1: You want recognition.

What makes a great leader?

According to the aforementioned Workplace Trends survey, almost half of Millennials define a good leader as someone who empowers others to succeed. And, when asked their biggest motivator to be a leader, 43 percent said “empowering others,” while a mere one percent said power.

In order for a manager to be a successful leader, they have to continuously empower employees – as individuals and as a whole. This is best done through recognition.

It can be hard to stay motivated at work when you never receive a pat on the back or a “thank you” from your boss. And it’s even harder to find satisfaction in your work when your manager doesn’t give you the credit you deserve. A supportive manager gives credit where credit is due and aims to celebrate employees — not steal their thunder.

Reason #2: You need to get a life.

For many workers, the traditional 9-to-5 job has become a thing of the past. As flexible work hours become widespread in today’s workplace, employees will experience a greater sense of work-life balance — or, at least, they should.

Unfortunately, there are some managers who expect you to be available or hard at work long after you’ve left the office for the day, as made apparent by the nine in 10 workers surveyed by Adobe Systems who say they look at business-related emails outside of working hours.

If you’re responding to your boss’s emails at all hours of the night, it might be time to search for a new job with a supportive manager who respects your time in the office and at home.

Reason #3: You had a bad breakup.

Whether it’s over lunch or during your monthly performance review, having a one-on-one chat with your boss shouldn’t feel like an awkward first date conversation or, worse, a bad breakup.

A supportive manager willingly – and tactfully – delivers the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most importantly, however, they realize the importance of eliciting employee feedback and welcome and encourage questions, comments, and suggestions.

Reason #4: You’re comparing them to a comic book villain.

If you’re comparing your boss to The Joker, it’s probably safe to say they aren’t the most supportive of managers. But your boss doesn’t have to be the bad guy. You shouldn’t feel like you have to watch your back at work or try to avoid your boss at every corner. This is the type of workplace negativity you want to leave back in 2015.

To succeed in any job, you and your manager need to be on the same team. So, as you embark on your job search, strive to align your values and goals with those of the company’s and the manager’s.

Reason #5: You don’t need a babysitter.

Last, but certainly not least, you shouldn’t feel like you’re being monitored 24/7. After all, as a working adult, the last thing you need is a babysitter. And a boss who feels the need to become your shadow is a boss who doesn’t fully trust in your abilities.

The most important thing a manager can do is give employees more freedom; freedom over how they work, where they work, and when they work. After all, a supportive manager does just that: supports employees and the work methods that work best for them.

What are some other reasons to cheers to a supportive manager this year?