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5 Steps You Can Do Now To Improve Your Work Or Job Search Outlook

We describe people with great attitudes as those who ‘light up the room’ and who have ‘infectious personalities’. These are the attitudes of the people we enjoy working with and for. And as we are entering 2010, now is a good time to evaluate our own attitudes and if necessary make changes that will get our attitudes in positive shape.

Making the change isn’t always easy. For some we are tired of our work and would like to find the right job and company to work for while others are out of work and are tired of looking. And managers need to hire and desperately need budget approval to pull the trigger, but budgets are tight and they are told to hold on another quarter. So it goes in these times but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few changes to help our own optimism no matter the situation.

Here are five tips to boost your attitude and outlook in 2010. And by the way, we all know them and many have used them so I understand this is preaching to the choir. That said, it’s never a bad idea to reconsider and put them to work.

  • Step One. 2009 is over, put it behind you. This is a New Year and time for a fresh start. List the good things you want to have happen this year. List them all and pick the few that you believe can and will happen. Keep the list handy and review it throughout the year. You may be surprised.
  • Step Two. Get healthy. You cannot and will not have a great attitude if you are not healthy. Eat right – make healthy food a part of every day and every meal, it is not difficult and you will feel better. Workout everyday – do something physical first thing in the morning every morning and you will feel better. Get healthy and you will feel better about yourself.
  • Step Three. Smile as often as possible. And if smiling is hard, make a list of things that make you smile and keep the list close. Maybe a favorite comedian or movie or that time with a friend that was so funny you both just lost it. Think of things that make you smile.
  • Step Four. Walk briskly with your shoulders back. OK I grant you this appears a bit hokey, but try it at work, try it on your next interview. Walk like you have important places to go and important people to see and you know what you do. It is your life and it is important.
  • Step Five. Speak with a positive voice inflection. Learned this from Dr. Dwayne Dryer years ago, if you complete your sentences on an up note you appear positive. Complete your sentence on a down and you appear negative with no energy. Try it yourself: say ‘I know I can do it!’ each way and see how people take you when you speak.

We all would rather be the personality that ‘lights up the room’ and how we are perceived can make a huge difference in our work and in our efforts to improve or find work. Try these steps and see how people respond.

And I wish all an abundance of joy and prosperity throughout the year!