5 Tips For Landing Better Talent With Less Work

I was in Plano, Texas, last Friday, presenting at the Talent Net Live conference. Glad I was, too, because I learned a few things. Like, that the appetite for social tools is monstrous. Sessions on social tools were packed. My closing session not so much… but hey, I’ll get over it.

Here are five things I learned at Talent Net Live. None of these things has to do with recruiting, yet every one of them will help you land better talent with less work:

  1. Tech works against you until you start using it right. One presentation I saw included PowerPoint slides that added nothing, yet drew peoples’ eyes. The speaker had to compete with his own graphics! Shame; he had a great message. The recruiting take-away: being on social media doesn’t help if you don’t consider the tools at a strategic level.
  2. People appreciate the little things. The washrooms at our location had motion activated doors. That sure put a smile on peoples’ faces! The recruiting take-away: remembering a birthday, promotion, or child’s name can go a long way. Social media provides a great set of platforms for keeping in touch with people without much investment.
  3. Content matters. And so does presentation. The most crowded sessions were those with the most promising content. The most popular were those with the most useful content. The recruiting take-away: take the time to be excellent in everything you do.
  4. Logistics makes or breaks you. TNL had a good flow. Rooms were always nearby. Meeting areas weren’t too spread out. Couches made networking easy. The recruiting take-away: Shoulder the hard work to make your process easy for candidates and clients. Make connections smooth.
  5. People love stories. People seem to be hard-wired to learn from stories. “Don’t tell me what to do, talk to me about someone else who’s done this and I’ll draw my own conclusions!” The recruiting take-away: paint a picture. Help the candidate envision the work. Ever hear a waiter describe something from a menu in a way that brings it to life and makes it sound delicious? Your job as a recruiter is to do that with the job description (or resume).

Thanks to everyone at the conference who taught me something. It’s made me better already! Originally posted on MonsterThinking by Jason Seiden