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5 Ways You’re Killing Your Chance At A Promotion

There are many reasons individuals may be looking to get promoted: the staleness of their current position, the lure of a flashier title, or potentially just a reward for the infinite amount of hard work they’ve been putting in.

Whatever the reasoning, promotions are never promised. Getting promoted often involves time, effort, energy, and patience. But if you’ve been doing all of the aforementioned and have yet to receive the advancement you’ve been hoping for, it may be time to assess the situation.

Here are five things potentially stifling your chances of ever getting a promotion:

1. You fail to realize the importance of your interactions. Many individuals underestimate the importance of their on-the-job interactions. While it isn’t necessary to be your company’s social butterfly, the way you interact with your co-workers, managers, and customers is likely to play a large role in your potential promotion.

Make a point to build and maintain professional relationships with your co-workers and managers. This means never missing a company party or networking event. Developing an inter-company network will increase the number of people willing to share positive information about your day-to-day contributions. This interactive and engaging approach is similar to building a network necessary for a successful job search.

2. You’re not reaching your full potential. Patience may be a virtue when it comes to getting promoted, but it isn’t the only ingredient in the recipe for advancement. Overall excellence is absolutely required when it comes to taking the next step in your career.

Bosses can sense when their employees aren’t going above and beyond in their current positions, which certainly won’t motivate them to give out any promotions. Set yourself up for advancement by giving yourself a highly critical performance review, and assess the consistency of your efforts, punctuality, teamwork, and essentially everything you’ve been bringing to your position and company. If it’s anything short of outstanding, it’s time to work at perfecting your current position before you can expect a promotion.

3. You neglect to take initiative. Many workplace situations require a level of initiative to succeed. Stand out in your current position by showcasing your knack for taking initiative and becoming an expert problem solver. Oftentimes advancement comes with acquiring a position with more responsibility – it’s time you express your exemplary ability to follow through.

There are many ways you can take more initiative in the workplace. Consider attempting to increase the efficiency of your current position, offer a hand or idea when it comes to solving simple company-wide problems, or even increase your level of responsibility by volunteering to help out in another department.

4. You fail to produce results. When was the last time you quantified all you’ve accomplished in your current position? Showcasing your produced results is a great way to prompt a promotion or at least spark an important conversation. Producing results means doing more than the bare minimum. Be sure to keep concise records of your achievements in your current position.

5. Your self-presentation could use an upgrade. From your attitude to the way you handle stress, your overall presentation may be what’s ruining your chances of getting promoted. Simply putting in the necessary work to land a promotion doesn’t mean you’ve portrayed the demeanor or attitude to set you up for success. Take steps toward to energizing your attitude and overall approach to your current position, as well as placing a higher focus on an increased level of professionalism.

Getting promoted isn’t an easy task, and it certainly isn’t a given. Be sure to evaluate your attitude and work habits to ensure you’re truly taking the right approach.