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50 Female Entrepreneurs You Must Follow on Instagram

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated November 14, 2016
|9 min read

The saying goes: "The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves."

In today's high-tech and highly connected world, this doesn't just apply to our physical friends, but those friends-in-our-heads and on our smartphones. Those people we follow on social media, who we virtually subscribe to their lives through our likes, follows and live streams.

Given that, it's time we revamped our social circles. It's time we injected some positivity and productivity into our newsfeeds and timelines, to "raise our standards" and "become the best version of ourselves."

Here are 50 female entrepreneurs you must follow on Instagram right now. Grab your phone and get to friending. Ready, set, click!

1. Iris Apfel @iris.apfel

Iris Apfel is a reminder of one very important lesson: no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to be yourself, to have fun, and to keep on working on projects you love. At 95 years old, she is an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon spotted on nearly every major fashion red carpet from Miami to Milan.

2. Sophia Amoroso @sophiaamoruso

The original #Girlboss approaches her business like her Instagram feed: fun, unconventional, brash, and relatable.

3. Alexa von Tobel @alexavontobel

Follow Alexa von Tobel to get an inside look into her life as founder, CEO, mother, and wife. And then go get yourself a copy of her bestselling book Financially Fearless.

4. Amanda Chantal Bacon @moonjuiceshop

Have you heard of Moon Juice? Amanda Chantal Bacon has taken the idea of wellness and self-care into the stratosphere with her product line of “plant-sourced alchemy.” Her business is one to watch.

5. Emily Schuman @emilyschuman

Emily Schuman is the poster-woman for taking a blog and turning it into a full-fledged business. Her Instagram feed gives us a glimpse into her growing lifestyle brand that’s surely only going to keep expanding.

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6. Karlie Kloss @karliekloss

She’s a supermodel on the rise, but an entrepreneur on the rise as well. With her multiple ventures from cookies to coding, Karlie Kloss is using her recognition and influence to be a innovative creator.

7. Audrey Gelman @audreygelman

A genius idea. That’s what we’d call Audrey Gelman new venture, The Wing. “The Wing is a home base for women on their way. It’s an offline destination for women to build essential relationships, hatch plans and you know… run the world, together.” Check it out.

8. Clare Vivier @clarevivier

Whimsical, colorful, happy, chic. That’s how I’d describe Clare Vivier’s designs featured in her feed. Turns out, creating beautiful, timeless, items for women is also an A+ business strategy.

9. Jessica Alba @jessicaalba

Remember when we thought of Jessica Alba as an actress? Well, that was before she built a billion-dollar business empire with The Honest Company.

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10. Diane Von Furstenberg @dvf

Browsing through DVF’s Instagram feed will leave you pining for her clothes, of course. But you’ll also get insight into the empowering wisdom this industry icon holds.

11. Linda Rodin @lindaandwinks

Linda Rodin is the entrepreneur behind one of the most beloved face oils (recently acquired by Estee Lauder!), but the reason to follow her on Instagram is to be in awe of her unparalleled sense of style.

12. Garance Doré @garancedore

Garance Doré is arguably one of the most authentic, approachable voices in the world of fashion. Her feed is as endearing as she is. And not to mention tres chic.

13. Tory Burch @toryburch

Her bio reads “Founder, Designer, & CEO.” No small feat considering she’s the woman behind  one of the most highly successful women’s fashion brands of the last decades. She’s one to watch, and one to follow.

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14. Alli Webb @alliwebb

Have you ever had your hair done at DryBar? Then you’ve expereinced the business brains of Alli Webb. Get ready for plenty of pictures that spread good vibes. Oh, and she has awesome hair.

15.  Alice Waters @alicelouisewaters

Follow Alice Waters for a sneak peak into the culinary-centric life of this renowned chef.

16. Miki Agrawal @mikiagrawal

Taboos don’t exist in Miki Agrawal’s business ventures, or her Instagram. Founder of THINX, she's reimagining how we look at menstruation and fashion. Make you curious? Check her out.

17. Jessica O. Matthews @jessomatt

Founder of Uncharted Play, she’s creative, inventive, and on a mission to do good. The first product of Uncharted Play is called SOCCKET, which is a soccer ball that can double as an effective power generator. Every time the ball rolls, it produces three hours of light for every hour of play.

18. Sheryl Sandberg @sherylsandberg

Because every now and then we all need a reminder to continue to lean in.

19. Leandra Medine @leandramedine

One outfit at a time, Leandra Medine is on her way to creating an empire of man repellers. Who else could make growing a business empire so fashionably fun? And hilarious, too!

20. Brit Morin @brit

Looking to find some creative inspiration? Follow the entrepreneurial queen of craft, Brit Morin!

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21. Sara Blakely @sarablakely

Who wouldn’t want to get an inside look on one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time?

22. Oprah @oprah

Oprah is not only an inspiring businesswoman, but an inspiring human who works to bring love, peace, and progress into the world. She’s an inspiration all around.

23. Issa Rae @issarae

If you’re not watching Issa Rae’s new show Insecure, you’re definitely missing out. At least follow her on Instagram.

24. Jessica Williams @msjwilly

She’s co-host of Two Dope Queens, a former Daily Show correspondent, and she’s currently working on developing her own show. She’s the Millennial’s example of “having it all.” But we just want more from her!

25. Phoebe Robinson @dopequeenpheebs

Phoebe’s the other have of the Two Dope Queens, in addition to being a stand-up comic, writer, and actress. Keep up with all she’s got going on.

26. Shonda Rhimes @shondarhimes

“I have some TV shows. They are not real.” Reads Shonda Rhimes’ Instagram bio. What is real, however, is her creative influence and general bad-ass-ness.

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27.  Amy Schumer @amyschumer

Speaking of bad-ass women... Amy Schumer is a comedy industry trailblazer who happens to be one  of the funniest voices of our time.

28. Vera Wang @verawanggang

This Instagram feed is as visually stunning as Vera Wang’s dress designs. And we love the the powerhouse who's behind this famed fashion house.

29. Ava DuVernay @directher

Ava Duvernay is a catalyst for change in the film industry. Just take a cue from her bold Instagram handle, “directher.”

30. Tavi Gevinson @tavitulle

Not many people can claim to be successful founder and entrepreneurs as teenagers. Or to have a world-renowned sense of style. Tavi, however, can.

31. Cameron Diaz @camerondiaz

We love how Cameron Diaz has transitioned her role as Hollywood star to health and wellness guru and author. She’s become a best-selling author in addition to an award nominated actress.

32. Drew Barrymore @drewbarrymore

Speaking of Hollywood star power… Drew Barrymore has seamlessly integrated entrepreneurship into her life, venturing into the beauty industry with her playful makeup line, Flower Beauty.

33. Eva Chen @evachen212

Eva Chen is just may be one of our favorite people to follow in Instagram ever. We love her just as much as we love her #evachenpose. No one does social media quite like Eva.

34. Alice Gao @alice_gao

The freelance photography lifestyle has never looked better when Alice Gao is behind the lens.

35. Lauren Singer @trashisfortossers

Lauren Singer is a Millennial on a mission. Her Instagram and blog is dedicated to helping people learn how to live a zero-waste lifestyle. We admire her commitment to sustainability and her down-to-earth approach to activism.

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36. Tyler Haney @ty_haney

If anyone is going to make Lululemon a thing of the past, it’s Tyler Haney. She’s the entrepreneur behind Outdoor Voices, the coolest activewear to recently hit the market.

37. Hannah Bronfman @hannahbronfman

One peek at Hannah Bronfman’s Instagram feed and you’ll realize she means business when it comes to having a good time.

38. Amy Woodside @ameohmy

If you’re looking to get advice, ideas, and inspiration about starting your own business or simply building the life you want, absolutely follow Amy Woodside, founder of OKREAL.

39. Christy Dawn @christydawn

Christy Dawn is building a business built on the values of craftsmanship and sustainability. The best part? That business is to-die-for dresses.

40. Miranda Brooks @miranda.brooks.gardens

Corner office? Miranda Brooks much prefers a secret garden. This leading landscape architect is one of the top in the business.

41. Chrissy Teigan @chrissyteigen

She’s incredibly funny, totally relatable, a best-selling author. Until she can be our best friend IRL, we’ll follow her on Instagram.

42. Molly Yeh @mollyyeh

She’s a young and creative and a master in the kitchen—as seen from her enviable feed and her beautiful new cookbook. We’re all for more of Molly Yeh!

43. Christy Turlington @cturlington

A fashion industry veteran who has become a champion for bettering the lives of women everywhere. Style and substance.

44. Ina Garten @inagarten

Ina Garten may be one of the most lovable people on Instagram (or the planet). No one has built a food empire quite like Ina.

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45. Mindy Kaling @mindykaling

She’s the brains and the face behind The Mindy Project, and we’re always happy reading anything she writes—TV shows or books.

46. Maria Popova @brainpicker

Thanks to Maria Popova, we have one of our all-time favorite websites, Brain Pickings.

47. Moj Mahadra @mojism

The founder of BeautyCon has one of our favorite lines in an Instagram bio:  “You don't need lipstick, lipstick needs you.”

48. Yuna @yunamusic

She’s “a different kind of modern woman” who is making different, modern, and totally awesome music. We can’t wait to hear more from her.

49. Ruzwwana Bashir @ruzwana

Get ready for some serious travel envy. And job envy. As the founder of the travel website, Ruzwana Bashir is an entrepreneurial jet-setter.

50. Emily Weiss @emilywweiss

If anyone knows how to speak directly to the Millennial consumer, it’s Emily Weiss of Glossier and Into the Gloss. She’s revolutionizing the makeup and skincare industry one top shelf at a time.