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6 Great Jobs for People Over 50

Posted by Emily Moore

October 3, 2018
|4 min read

Finding a job as you get older can be challenging for a number of reasons. For one, there are often fewer positions available the higher up the ladder you climb — for example, there are about five times as many Marketing Coordinator jobs on Glassdoor as there are VP of Marketing jobs. Additionally, many job seekers find that their priorities change as things like work-life balance and flexibility become more important over time. And unfortunately, age discrimination can make some positions and fields tough to break into for more seasoned workers.

But older job seekers shouldn’t despair — while they may face certain obstacles, there are still plenty of career options available to them that provide meaningful, rewarding work. Below, we’ve highlighted six top examples. Whether you’re looking for a full-time gig or simply want to supplement your income, consider applying to one of these jobs today!


1. Consultant

Number of Open Jobs: 108k
Median Base Salary: $88,395
Why It’s a Great Option: “Independent consultants stay engaged in a field they love. They gain work-life balance. And they can leverage or pass on knowledge they’ve built. Organizations like the model, because they accomplish much [more] with proven expertise — without a full-time commitment.” —Dan Zautis, Director of Marketing - Patina Solutions

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2. Real Estate Agent

Number of Open Jobs: 6k
Median Base Salary: $48,883
Why It’s a Great Option: “A real estate agent allows for a flexible schedule and the ability to be agile and explore your local city. For someone who is looking for change in scenery outside of the office walls and wants the potential to still be a high earner, Real Estate is the way [to] go. After studying and snagging a real estate license, a seasoned professional can work independently or under umbrella companies like Coldwell Banker and Keller Willams.” —Toni Howard Lowe, Career Strategist & HR Consultant/Practitioner - The Corporate Tea

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3. Financial Planner

Number of Open Jobs: 11.4k
Median Base Salary: $57,067
Why It’s a Great Option: “For someone who has spent a lifetime working with numbers and in finance, this is another industry where you can study and gain a license and start a new career that could carry you another ten years into a second career. Companies like USAA and Fidelity are known to hire older workers looking to have a second career.” —Toni Howard Lowe

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4. Virtual Assistant

Number of Open Jobs: 6.3k
Median Base Salary: $22,000
Why It’s a Great Option: “Virtual Assistants can work from home and offer their level of expertise to clients in various industries. Age doesn't matter as many more seasoned workers have a lot of experience, business acumen and the desire to help. This position would serve them well.” —Shilonda Downing, Founder - Virtual Work Team

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5. Teacher

Number of Open Jobs: 38.5k
Median Base Salary: $52,363
Why It’s a Great Option: “If you have a degree, you can do substitute teaching, and if you have a specific skill and you can teach it, many community colleges or adult education programs would be happy to hire you to teach skills that are needed or just wanted. My husband paid for and took a course on how to make a guitar!” —Lois A. Krause, Practice Leader, HR Compliance -  KardasLarson, LLC

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6. Freelance Writer

Number of Open Jobs: 1.1k
Median Base Salary: $42,120
Why It’s a Great Option: “If you’re over 50, consider becoming a freelance writer. Not only will you have a flexible schedule, but you can use the knowledge and expertise you’ve picked up over the course of a long career to your advantage by writing in a particular niche. You can even work from home.” —Lauren McAdams, Career Adviser and Hiring Manager - Resume Companion

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