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6 Ways Curiosity Will Help You Stand Out In Your Career

Posted by Heather Huhman

June 24, 2013
|3 min read

Do you have a thirst for knowledge? Do you want to learn everything there is to know about your profession?

This type of drive is a form of curiosity many job seekers and professionals have. It's what keeps people motivated during their job search and the desire to advance their careers. To be hungry for success is a great characteristic to have, and when you do, employers will notice.

If you're trying to stand out to employers and recruiters during your job search, here are six ways where your curiosity will get you ahead in the game:

1. Show eagerness to learn. When you show your eagerness to learn, it displays how serious you are about developing your career. You can do this by continuing to attend informational interviews and job shadows. If you are currently in an internship, show your boss you are hungry for more by asking questions and having the enthusiasm to learn.

2. Stay current in the news. Every professional needs to stay current in the latest news and trends. Wherever you go, by staying on top of the news, you will be able to carry conversations during networking events and build connections with people. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the latest trends in your field. This way, you will continue to learn new things and develop an interest in a variety of topics.

3. Reach out to employers about job openings. It doesn't hurt to ask an employer if they have job openings available. Many times, job listings go unnoticed because they aren't advertised on job boards and social media. Show you are proactive in your job search by reaching out to recruiters and employers about opportunities.

4. Develop your skills. Throughout your career, you should make it a priority to develop your skill set. As the workforce advances, you need to make sure your skills are up to par when you enter the job market. Job requirements continue to change each day, so make sure you are doing your best to develop your skills.

5. Discover new ways to challenge yourself. Do you ever wonder how far you can push yourself? By thinking of different ways to be challenged, you can discover new strengths and even weaknesses regarding your work ethic and character. It's good for you to have an idea of what your talents are and what your potential is.

6. Think outside the box. Don't be afraid to try something new during your job search. Whether it's applying for a different job from your expertise or looking for a position in a different city, think of new ways you gain experience for yourself. Your career will continue to evolve over time, so be in tune with yourself and think of different ways your career path can go. Who knows, maybe you'll go in a completely different direction in your career than expected.

To have curiosity in your job search can be a powerful tool. Employers want to see candidates who are passionate about moving forward in their career. If you can find different ways to stay hungry for knowledge and continue to be a lifelong learner, you will find your career to be much more rewarding.