6 Ways To Make Extra Cash When Looking For A Career


Whether you’ve just graduated from college with a new degree or you’re a seasoned professional looking to move up in your field, looking for a new job is tough on everyone. It’s not unusual to be out of work for several months while looking for your ideal position, so it’s important to have something bringing in money to pay your bills during your job search.

Consider the following ways to make extra cash while you continue searching for your ideal job:

1. Do contract or freelance work. Many folks make a lucrative living as contractors or freelancers. You can find opportunities on sites like Sologig or Freelance Switch, or you can start your own website advertising your expertise.

2. Sell your unused stuff. Still have all of your college textbooks lying around? Check out what they’re worth on eBay’s half.com and sell any that still have value. If you still live close to your alma mater, you can take them directly into the college bookstore for cash, too. Consider getting rid of other things you don’t need on eBay or Craigslist, such as clothing, shoes, video games, furniture, etc.

3. Start blogging. Don’t be fooled: starting a blog is hard work. However, if you’re a good writer or photographer, blogging is a great way to earn an extra buck while on the job hunt. Obviously, this is not a guaranteed way to earn money, but you’re your blog is established, you can make extra money from advertising and product reviews. Bonus: it also helps you stand out among other job candidates and fine-tunes your writing skills.

4. Complete tasks for other people. Sites like TaskRabbit help connect you with individuals who need assistance—whether they’re looking for a photographer or they need someone to mount their flat screen TV.  You can also tell friends and family that you’re available for house sitting or pet sitting and research rates you should charge. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk also allows you to make a few extra bucks by completing tasks from your computer on your own schedule.

5. Share your opinion. Sign up to be a secret shopper or take opinion polls. Just be careful to avoid scams—do a simple Google search with the company name to ensure it’s a legitimate opportunity. You can also look to trusted career blogs and outlets to find opportunities.

6. Use your skills. Can you play piano? Consider teaching children how to play. Are you handy? Start a handyman service in your area. Everyone has a skill that they can profit off of. What’s yours?

What other ways can you make extra cash while looking for a career? Have you tried any of the above options, and how did they work out?

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