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7 Job Search Fears To Conquer This Summer

It’s finally summer. Summer is the time to relax and let some of your worries wash away. Use this philosophy to get rid of some of the fears that come with your job search.

Here are seven job search fears to conquer this summer:

1. Networking. Many job seekers are intimidated by the concept of networking. Introducing yourself to strangers and trying to impress them with your background can be a challenge. It’s important to take it one person at a time. Talk about the things you know best. Be confident in your background and the rest will come naturally. Don’t look at every person you meet as a future employer. Instead, look at them as someone from whom you might learn something new.

2. Preparing. Resumes, cover letters, portfolios, social media, research, and interviews. Remembering everything involved in your job search can be a lot. These things don’t have to be such a burden. Learn what you can about each aspect of the job search through advice sites like Glassdoor. Prepare each item individually and ask someone (or multiple people) to look over it all. Find a way to stay organized and the fear will go away.

3. Interviewing. Job seekers fear interviews because interviews are the determining factor in whether you land the job. It’s important to look at the interview as an opportunity to shine, rather than a reason to be afraid. Remember to show your passion for the job and the organization. Prove you’ve done your research and you’re perfect for the role. Demonstrate why you are the best person to help the employer.

4. Relocation. If you’ve lived or worked somewhere for a really long time, a location change can become frightening. But don’t fear relocation. Look at it as an opportunity. If you’re willing to commute or move somewhere new, you’ll have more options in the job search. Take the time to research factors like travel expenses and living options. Ask people in your network or your interviewer for advice about the new city. Be open to change.

5. Age. Whether you think you’re too old or too young, forget it. Age should not be one of your job search fears. Older job seekers are afraid they’re not tech-savvy enough to compete with millennials. Younger job seekers are afraid they don’t have enough experience. You can work around both of these problems. Show the employer that you are a quick learner and you can eliminate any concern about age.

6. Being Underqualified. If you fear you are underqualified, take a step back. Compare your experience to the job description. Do your skills match the qualifications? Great! Don’t let a number of years of experience on the description slow you down. You might be perfect for the position based on your skills. If you think you can handle the responsibilities of the job, apply. Explain in your cover letter and interview why you’re the perfect person for the role. If you are truly underqualified for a position, you shouldn’t apply for it anyway.

7. Being Overqualified. Occasionally, you might have to apply to a job for which you’re overqualified. Whether it’s because of the economy or some other reason, do not fear settling. If you get the job, you can keep looking for something that better suits your qualifications. In the meantime, use this as an opportunity to improve your skills.

What other job search fears do you want to conquer this summer?