7 Signs You’ve Found Your Work BFF

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Let’s face it – you spend a lot of time with your coworkers. Sometimes this can be a nightmare; but on other occasions, you may find someone you truly enjoy working and spending time with: the Cristina to your Meredith, the Tom to your Donna, even the Dwight to your Michael. But how do you know your work relationship has blossomed into an actual friendship? See if your colleague passes the seven requirements to being true work BFF:

1. They bring you coffee in the morning.


You can count on them to boost your work productivity… and your sanity.

2. You coordinate what podcasts you listen to.


Trust me, you will need a buddy to discuss “Dirty John” at length with.

3. You automatically make eye contact when something weird goes down at a meeting.


Someone else needs to acknowledge what just happened.

4. You’ve made emojis for each other on Slack.


Brighten up your work messages with a bunch of mini-me’s.

5. They know more than a thing or two about your personal life.


Your conversation is much more likely to start with “So what did Karen do this time?” instead of “How was your weekend?”

6. You’ll be their knight in shining armor if they’re having a little too much fun at the company holiday party.


You’re ready to call a Lyft and dish out excuses about food poisoning at a moment’s notice if you see the night taking a turn.

7. They’ve always got your back. 


That’s what best friends are for, right?

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