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7 Tips For Using Glassdoor In Your Job Search

Did you know that two out of three employees say they’ve found a new job different than expectations set during interviews?

If you are looking for a job or thinking about seeing what’s out there, looking before you leap is a critical step when making your next career move.  We pulled together a quick guide on several ways to use Glassdoor so you can make more informed career decisions. The following seven tips and tricks are designed to help you step up your game in the job search, hopefully save you some time and shed light on what you might expect when working at a specific company.

Seven Tips For Using Glassdoor in your Job Search:

  • Read company ratings and reviews. Want to know what it’s like to work at certain companies? Employees continually share their perspective on Glassdoor about what it’s like to work where they work. You can read the pros, cons and everything in between. Plus, you can find out how employees rate a company overall, the CEO and eight unique workplace factors like compensation and benefits or employee morale.  Also, see which companies employees like the most – every year, Glassdoor publishes the Employees’ Choice Award Winners  – a list of the 50 Best Places to Work, or check out the top 25 companies for work-life balance or career opportunities.
  • Research salary and compensation packages. While responding to the question, “What salary are you looking for?” can at times feel like you’ve been blindfolded, and then asked to spin around several times before shooting a dart at a dartboard, being prepared to answer this question confidently is key. We try to take the angst or guess work out of the equation. Search on Glassdoor for your desired job title and see how pay can vary by company, location and years of experience.  You can see details on salary, bonuses, commissions and more for titles that you’ll immediately recognize by company. For example, see exactly what a Google Software Engineer or an Accenture Analyst makes.
  • Prepare for the weird, unexpected and expected. While you might be ready to answer common interview questions like “What are you strengths and weaknesses?”, be prepared to think on your feet.  Check out our annual list of oddball interview questions and find some of the toughest brainteaser questions candidates are being asked.
  • Read interview reviews to find out about the interview process. Don’t sweat the unknown. Get behind-the-scenes details for thousands of companies about their entire interview process, including: how a candidate landed the interview, ratings on how difficult the interview was or what the experience was like on a positive to negative scale, get details on how many interviewers a candidate met, and find out what the outcome was for each interview.
  • Check out workplace photos to see what the company looks like inside and out. Imagine heading to a job interview and knowing what the building looks like, whether employees sit in offices or cubicles and what the common areas are like. If you’re headed for your first in-person interview, avoid any last minute stress by knowing what the building and lobby look like. Also, see what you think about the work environment: is it open and collaborative, or more private? Is this an office environment where you feel like you can excel? Take a look inside Epic Systems or Intuit.
  • Get social: Let others in your Google + or Facebook network know you like specific companies.  Visit a specific company’s page on Glassdoor and click on the +1 or Like buttons that appear on the left hand side of your screen. You never know who in your network may know someone at the company you’re interested in working for. Plus sign up for an RSS feed that appears on each company reviews page on Glassdoor and you’ll receive the latest reviews for that company.
  • Search for jobs: And last but definitely not least, you can use Glassdoor to find the latest job listings – you can search by company, job title or location. Because we work with a number of job listing partners as well as directly with employers like Bain & Company to Petco, you’ll see jobs relevant to you all in one spot.

Are there features you’d like to see on Glassdoor that can better help you through your job search? Let us know.