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7 Tips To Kickstart Your Job Search After A Layoff

The current economy has made cutbacks a norm. And while the job climate may be looking up, workers everywhere should understand the continued threat of layoffs is still present.

Losing your job can be a nightmare, especially when you aren’t prepared for what comes next. Too many individuals are left shocked and surprised after a sudden layoff, putting them in no position to pick up the pieces and start again. But during the aftermath of a layoff, taking control of your situation is top priority to ensure you’re back on track for employment.

Don’t let an unexpected layoff throw you for a loop. Here are seven tips to kickstart your job search after the fact:

1. Take a minute to regain your footing. After a layoff, many workers immediately – and blindly – dive into their new job search. If possible take some time to assess your current situation, reflect, and refocus. This will put you in a much better position to embark on a well-established job search.

2. Consider this an opportunity. It’s easy to get caught up on the initial negative aspects of job loss, but it’s important to consider this experience in a positive light. This might be your chance to pivot your career in a new direction or potentially go back to school.

3. Get your resume and portfolio up to speed. Rushing into the job hunt before spending the necessary time to update your job search materials and professional social profiles will only limit your chances of employment. Only begin applying after carefully crafting your latest resume. Remember, the strongest resumes are those customized to each position you apply for.

4. Alert your network and then expand it. Informing your networking contacts about your current employment situation is never a fun task, but it’s necessary. Find an appropriate way to connect with those who will be most beneficial to getting you back on track to employment, as well as creating new networking strategies to expand your network throughout your job search.

5. Search strategically. Even the calmest individual can feel frantic when faced with unemployment. Rather than quickly and sloppily embarking on a job search, consider a careful plan of action to land your next position. This means setting goals, searching within your niche, utilizing your network, going beyond job boards to look for opportunities – all while managing your time and expectations.

6. Consider speaking with a career expert. When it comes to unemployment and the job search, it seems like everyone has an opinion or advice. If you’re feeling a bit lost, consider the benefits of speaking with someone who is an actual career expert in regard to the job search.

7. Stay positive. A layoff, unemployment, and the job search are three things which are likely to cause a variety of negative emotions and unwanted stress. This is to be expected, but it’s important to focus on promoting positivity in the face of these challenges. At the end of the day, remember your success often comes down to your overall attitude and outlook on a situation.

Pushing past a layoff takes a great amount of willpower. Focus on taking the necessary steps to activate a successful and thoughtful job search to get on the fast-track to employment.