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7 Trends Job Seekers Should Expect in 2019

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Whether you’re looking for your first full-time job or actively seeking the next step in your career, it’s a good time to put yourself on the market. The U.S. economy is growing and expected to maintain its strength going into 2019, leading to noticeable effects on hiring. This is especially true of in-demand occupations. If you’re interested in a technology career, here are seven trends that are shaping employment opportunities in the coming year:

The low unemployment rate increases your value

Next year, the unemployment rate is expected to drop to its lowest point in 40 years, according to New York Federal Reserve President John Williams.

Employers need skilled workers to take advantage of the strong demand for their products and services. They can’t grow without workers. And because unemployment is so low, skilled workers have become a scarce and therefore valuable resource. If you have the right programming experience and soft skills, you’ll be very attractive in this market.

Assessment tools could decide if you get interviewed

Organizations are competing for a limited pool of talented workers. When they do hire someone, they want to be sure it’s the best fit. Thus, the growing use of cognitive assessment tools to analyze and evaluate prospective hires. These tools, like the one used by, screen and rank candidates based on various dimensions. They consider not only experience, skills and aptitude but also motivation, personality and behavioral factors.

Hold out for work-life balance

To attract skilled workers, organizations realize that money isn’t everything. Skilled workers are just as interested in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. To that end, job seekers can expect to be offered expanded perks, from free meals to regularly scheduled social events to unlimited vacation days and more.

Social media activity is a hiring factor

Skilled workers are valuable in this market, but organizations still have an obligation to hire employees whose personalities and values align with their missions and culture. In other words, expect employers to examine your social media profiles. If you present an unprofessional image online, they will often decline to hire you. Don’t limit your career because of a few ill-advised posts. Clean up your social media.

Nearly every job has a data component

Even the smallest businesses today are driven by data. Jobs responsibilities that require data analytics and even light coding are becoming more frequent.  If you’ve never been exposed to the concepts and principles behind data analytics principles and coding languages, now is a good time to learn those skills.

Don’t call employers. They’ll call you.

Even if you’re not seeking a job, expect some outreach from prospective employers. Skilled workers are so scarce that employers aren’t waiting for you to respond to job posting. Instead, they’re constantly ‘sourcing,’ the term for proactively identifying potential hires and engaging them in a recruiting process. To signal your interest or at least let them know you exist, it helps to have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

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