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7 Work Habits Millennials Need to Break ASAP!

Coffee break with coworker

Millennials know the struggle of maintaining a work-life balance all too well. Part of the struggle is due to a couple bad habits we’ve picked up over the years–and it’s time to let those go if you want to be a better work with a stress-free lifestyle.

Admit it, you’re guilty of one (or all) of the following bad habits.

Rushing to work

Your alarm goes off and you snooze it until you have enough time to quickly get dressed and make a run for it. Sound familiar? If it does, you need to break this habit now and learn to better manage your time.

Eating at your desk

Most companies give their employees thirty minutes to an hour for a lunch break. But why is it that 62% of professionals eat lunch at their desk while working? According to research from the Hartman Group, millennial workers prefer eating alone so they can better multi-task.

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Millennial workers are guilty of this bad work habit because we’re used to multi-tasking in our personal lives. Though multi-tasking on the job leads to getting more done, the quality of your work often suffers and, as a result, you are less likely to climp the corporate ladder.

Constantly checking e-mail

A recent Workplace Options survey reports that 59% of American workers use their mobile devices to do work outside business hours. Once you clock out and leave the office, you do not need to respond to e-mails or do anything work-related. Quit this habit cold turkey and delete that e-mail app off your phone.

Spending your break on social media

If you get a break at work, you likely spend it checking social media. There are two reasons this doesn’t count as a break: one, you’ve already checked social media throughout the day. Secondly, you’re sitting down and staring closely at a screen, which is what you’ve been doing all day.

You will never have a solid work-life balance if you can’t even step away from your phone or computer for fifteen minutes in a day and there are better ways to spend your break.

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Texting at your desk

Whether you’re texting your parents or your friends, when you’re on the clock, it can wait. Unless you have a family emergency, it looks bad when co-workers–and especially your manager–see you typing away on your phone instead of your keyboard.

Complaining at work…while you’re at work

Your boss sucks and all your co-workers agree–but that doesn’t mean you should talk about how much you can’t stand them, especially when you’re sitting at your desk or standing in the break room. You never know who can hear you, and this a lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way.

If you’re guilty of any of these work habits, you likely don’t have a good work-life balance. If you want to feel less stressed, happier and healthier, try stopping these habits, one at a time. As you remove these habits from your life, you’ll likely notice a huge shift in your overall personality, both at work and at home.

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