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9 in 10 Job Seekers to Search for Jobs via Mobile; Glassdoor State of Mobile Job Search Survey

Last year, Glassdoor’s survey on the Rise of Mobile Job Search looked at how job search behaviors and the overall hiring landscape were changing. We dove in to find out what has changed in just one year.

According to a Glassdoor survey1 released today, more job seekers and employees are using their mobile devices during the job search process, and they’re doing it more frequently. Nine in 10 (89%) job seekers report they’re likely to use a mobile device during their job search in the next 12 months, up seven percentage points (82%) from less than a year ago.2 Also, 45% of job seekers say they use their mobile device specifically to search for jobs at least once a day, up two percentage points in less than a year. Print

What Career-related Activities are Job Seekers Doing on Mobile?

Given 59% believe they have a better chance of being considered for a job if they apply as soon as the job is posted online, we know having access to the latest job listings is a top priority for job seekers when it comes to mobile. However, there are other career-related activities that are important to the mobile job seeker.

The top five career-related activities job seekers are likely to do on their mobile device include:

  1. Search for jobs: 51%
  2. Save job listings so I can apply from my computer later: 44%
  3. Get real-time alerts about job openings: 44%
  4. Visit a company’s careers site: 39%
  5. Read company reviews from employees: 37%

“With more people planning to look for jobs on their mobile device in the next year and beyond, Glassdoor is committed to providing a great mobile job search experience to help you find jobs and companies you love,” said Ryan Aylward, Glassdoor chief technology officer. “Mobile job search is here to stay, and we know that means being able to find relevant jobs in addition to being able to research companies, salaries and more directly from a mobile device.”

Mobile Job Search Challenges

With more job seekers using mobile devices during the job search process, some challenges are to be expected as the industry adjusts to new behaviors. One of the biggest pain points for job seekers is applying to jobs via a mobile device. In fact, one in two (49%) believe it is difficult to apply to jobs from a mobile device, and one in four are deterred from applying to a job if the company’s career site or job listings are not mobile-optimized. Print


See what employees and job seekers have to say about how they use their mobile device during their job search:

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1Survey data is based on a Glassdoor survey conducted online from April 22-30, 2014 among 1,000 employees and job seekers. 

2 Survey data is based on a Glassdoor survey conducted online from August 14-22, 2013 among more than 1,100 employees and job seekers.