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9 Companies That Cover 100% of Healthcare Costs — Hiring Now

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Healthcare is a critical part of every one of our lives – and can be a costly one, too. While many companies choose to shrink their benefits packages during belt-tightening periods, some are committed to providing healthcare to their employees at any cost. For example, ZocDoc, a healthcare information technology company, practices what they preach by covering all employee premiums. “We believe that access to healthcare is the one big problem we are trying to solve in America…and we really should do our part,” says Oliver Kharraz, ZocDoc’s CEO. Companies like this understand that having happy, healthy employees is key to having a productive, cohesive workforce.

The 9 companies profiled below have truly chosen to support their employees through thick and thin – by pledging to pay 100% of health care premiums for their workers.  

1. Kimley-Horn and Associates

Company Rating:  3.9

What They Offer: Kimley-Horn and Associates, a civil engineering firm, covers 100% of their employee’s “preventative health care premiums”, with options for coverage for spouses, domestic partners, and children. In addition, subsidies are offered for dental, vision, prescription drugs, and mental health.

What Employees Say: “Company’s core purpose is to see its employees flourish and that is 100% true.” Current Employee

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2. ZocDoc

Company Rating:  3.6

What They Offer: While employees have out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, ZocDoc, a healthcare information technology company, covers all premiums.  

What Employees Say: “Full Benefits including paying for your phone bill for full time employees” –Current Employee

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3. Ultimate Software

Company Rating:  4.6

What They Offer: This information technology company not only covers 100% of employee’s healthcare premiums but also 100% of their dependent’s premiums. And there’s even more: on top of covering dental, vision, and mental health, and prescription drug subsidies, they even cover acupuncture and homeopathy.

What Employees Say: “The 401k matching, the dress code, the 100% paid health insurance (yes it’s real), the lunches, breakfasts, unlimited PTO, having friends in coworkers, maternity/paternity leave, the list does not end. Best decision I ever made was coming here.” –Current Employee

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4. Twitter

Company Rating:  3.9

What They Offer: The social media giant is a frontrunner in its industry in benefits: they offer 100% of an employee’s healthcare premiums, and compensate dental, vision, and prescription drug subsidies – and mental healthcare.

What Employees Say: “Stellar health/wellness policies, insurance coverage and time off package.” –Current Employee

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5. Boston Consulting Group

Company Rating:  4.3

What They Offer: 100% of employees and spouse premiums are paid for by this global consulting firm – and not only full-timers get to benefit. As long as they work more than 20 hours per week, part-time employees are offered benefits too.

What Employees Say: “You never have to worry about insurance, days off, sick days or anything because they have some of the best policies I’ve seen. There is a reason why they are one of the best companies to work for.” –Current Employee

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6. GoDaddy

Company Rating:  3.7

What They Offer: This web-hosting tool developer pays fully for employee premiums, plus 50% of all premiums for dependents. And that’s not all: their health benefits package includes everything from acupuncture to fertility treatments – not to mention dental, vision, and prescription drug subsidies.

What Employees Say: “Benefits start day 1” –Current Employee

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7. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Company Rating:  3.5

What They Offer: This well-known non-profit ensures premiums are covered in full for employees and their dependents – not only for medical care, but also for vision and dental.

What Employees Say: “Amazing benefits, fulfilling work, good people, emerging values.” –Former Employee

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8. Arthrex

Company Rating:  3.3

What They Offer: 100% of healthcare premiums for employees, and 50% of coverage for dependents are paid for by this sports medicine product developer and manufacturer – as well as an on-site medical clinic that employees and their dependents can use free of charge.

What Employees Say: “Benefits ….free medical and dental, doctor on site” –Current Employee

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9. FactSet

Company Rating:  3.7

What They Offer: This financial solutions company pays all of the employee premiums, with health insurance available for anyone working more than 30 hours per week, plus options for coverage for dependents.

What Employees Say: “FactSet offers a comprehensive benefits coverage at unbelievably low cost. This is arguably the best perk about working with the company.” Current Employee

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10. Glassdoor

Company Rating:  4.0

What They Offer: Along with a powerful mission to create job transparency for job seekers everywhere, Glassdoor offer 100% company paid medical/dental/vision/life coverage for employees and 85% coverage for dependents. The onsite gym and fitness classes along with free catered lunch and a dog-friendly environment are perfect for health and happiness.

What Employees Say: “Glassdoor is a company that truly cares about you as an individual. I have, on countless occasions, had the opportunity to meet with our CEO and just chat. Get to know him as a person, which is rare! We also have so many great perks, benefits are amazing, promotion opportunities are through the roof, and of course, a GREAT opportunity to make some $$$.” Current Employee

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Editor’s Note: Company ratings as of 7/30/2017. Company health care plans may vary depending on options available to employees. Glassdoor editorial team verified health care offerings with individual companies’ benefits as explained on company websites.

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