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9 Companies We’re Excited About In 2017

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Next year is bursting with tech innovations, potential IPOs and cool companies hiring like crazy. Since the jobs market is booming, the unemployment rate is steady at 4.9 percent and the U.S. median base pay rose 3.1 percent year over year in November to $51,372, it seems like 2017 has an exciting outlook.

This may just be the perfect year for you to find a job you love.

Take a look at a few of the awesome companies looking to make 2017 their biggest year yet!

1. Dropbox 
In 2016, Dropbox added scanning capability to its iOS app and introduced Dropbox Paper for online document collaboration, plus it’s recently allowed paying mobile users to designate entire folders for offline access. This is a clear sign to us that Dropbox is moving fast and in the right direction. With growing reports that Dropbox will IPO in 2017, this is one we’ll be watching closely and seeing how employees react. From marketing program manager to diversity technical sourcers, Dropbox is also staffing up. Now may be the time to apply.

2. Truth Initiative
Truth Initiative is dedicated to achieving a culture where all youth and young adults reject tobacco. In 2016, they rolled out a compelling campaign about the Smokers’ Wage Gap, noting that smokers earn 20 percent less than non-smokers which translates to a loss of up to $10,000 a year. According to insiders, Truth will be launching a new, gripping campaign during the Grammy awards. We wouldn’t be surprised if that had to do with vaping. In a new report in which he cast “vaping” as an emerging public health threat for young people, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said the growing use of e-cigarettes by American teens “has the potential to create a whole new generation of kids who are addicted to nicotine.” Based in Washington DC, Truth is hiring a research assistant, digital marketing analyst and more to help fight for tobacco-free lives.

truth initiative occupies 2 5 floors of its building

3. Gensler
The San Francisco-based architecture firm is now the biggest in the world and boasts clients like Facebook, Airbnb and Salesforce. As the trend of innovative and beautiful office spaces continues to grow, Gensler is at the forefront of creating high-performing and collaborative work environments. We expect their work will only continue to wow as large companies lead the way in building solar-powered offices that don’t rely on fossil fuels. Plus, Gensler is one of the 2017 Best Places to Work, with employees raving about their company culture, innovative projects, and talented people. Interested in joining a winning team? They’re hiring.

4. LiveNation
LiveNation has been one of the go-to outlets for entertainment and music, but 2017 promises the next level of interaction. Citi, LiveNation and NextVR recently announced a partnership to produce a series of up to ten live virtual reality concerts as part of the banking concern’s longtime “Backstage with Citi” initiative, which rewards card members with thousands of events annually. In full swing in 2017, the series will transport fans via virtual reality technology into an immersive experience with what the companies’ claim are the “world’s biggest artists.” The initiative will include select concerts and “backstage” experiences with artists. Radio heads, get in while jobs are still available.

live nation entertainment office

5. Tesla
With Tesla’s Model 3 expected to hit markets next fall with its $35,000 price tag, we could all see more of the sleek sedans on the highways. Plus, Tesla and Uber are both vying to break into (really, create) the driverless car industry, making autonomous vehicles synonymous with Elon Musk’s brainchild. Needless to say, Tesla is one of the companies to watch in 2017. And with over 3,000 open jobs available at the motor company, you could be a part of history if you just apply.

6. WeWork
Renting out office space to businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs, WeWork is effectively a real estate management company. However, WeWork has an extremely high $15 billion valuation, which is more closely aligned with major Silicon Valley tech companies. At a tech conference over the summer, company CEO Adam Neumann stated he was not afraid to take the company public, and indicated he was eager to make his investors money. Could 2017 be the year? We’re excited to see if it is. The business model and the co-working spaces popping up across the country address a real need as more and more Americans look to work remotely. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, they’re hiring this month too! Sales leads, community managers, analysts and even director-level positions are all open and accepting resumes now.

wework nomad

7. Vice Media
What began as an indie magazine in 1994 has now morphed into a global media company now operating in 30 countries.Vice Media is a news outlet that often reports on edgy topics, such as sex and drugs, and is marketed to millennials. According to PrivCo estimates, Vice’s valuation at IPO may be close to $5 billion. “The reason why Vice News is successful is because there was this sort of misconception that young people don’t care about news, they don’t care about international news—all of which as people realize now is completely untrue,” said Shane Smith, founder of Vice. “They just didn’t like the way news was presented to them.” Solidifying deals with HBO and a new nightly news show on their own channel in 2016, next year promises to see more unique programming and dynamic coverage. And we’re tuning in, for sure.

8. Nextiva
Over 100,000 companies rely on Nextiva for their business VoIP communications and cloud technology. In 2017, this number will only grow as businesses look for simpler and more efficient ways to communicate. The Arizona-based company prides itself on its “Amazing Service,” and its focus on the customer and customer care. Based on the way the team treated the analysts and consultants at the recent nextCon event, it’s clear that the company really lives and breathes “Amazing Service.” Nextiva is in the process of setting up more international infrastructure based on the success of small-and-medium businesses and big franchises like Burger King, Taco Bell, Target and even the Conan O’Brien Show. Looking to work in telecomms? Nextiva could be your next big step.

9. Slack
The team communication startup has been a Silicon Valley darling ever since it hit the tech scene, especially in discussions around diversity and inclusion. But 2017 promises to be the year of Slack. Next year, Google Drive will automatically extend permissions on a file to members of a Slack channel where the file is shared. Forget the manual share—Slack will do it for you. You’ll also be able to view more detailed previews of a file’s contents, whether it’s a document or spreadsheet, right within Slack. And a new Google Drive Slack bot will now ping you about changes to a file. #Winning. If you were looking for an excuse to leave your current job for the hottest startup on the scene, Slack has given you plenty of reasons. Jobs are in demand, so polish your resume now.


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