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9 Jobs That Keep You Fit

Feeling sluggish at work? Want a new job that keeps you on your toes while earning a paycheck? With so many employees glued to their desks and laptops, there are some jobs that can help you stay active, and even shed a few calories while on the clock.

In no particular order, Glassdoor has compiled a list of 9 jobs that will help you stay fit and active while at work.

1. Firefighter – See Open Jobs

Firefighters Discussing Operational Procedures In Front of Firet

How They Keep Fit: You need both strength and stamina for this job. Firefighters must quickly carry heavy equipment and move debris at an emergency site, and often times will stay at disaster scenes for long periods of time. Sometimes, firefighters even have to carry people who are injured or can’t walk. Most applicants will need a high school diploma and a basic EMT certification.

2. Landscaper – See Open Jobs

Professional hedges cutting

How They Keep Fit: Landscapers are responsible for the cultivation and care of business or residential grounds, and usually mow lawns, pull weeds, cut trees, and repair structures using a variety of heavy power tools. Sometimes landscapers install rock, cement, lighting, water and furniture fixtures. You don’t need much more than just a green thumb to become a landscaper, but on-the-job skills training will teach you proper techniques to maneuver equipment that can be dangerous.

3. Videographer – See Open Jobs

Video camera operator

How They Keep Fit: Videographers work as a part of the production team that creates video projects. They carry, set up, operate and maintain a variety of heavy video equipment including cameras, tripods, computers, editing equipment and sound mixing equipment. Videographers must have at least a high school diploma/GED, but many employers prefer applicants with a college degree. Videographers tend to have a bachelor’s degree in videography, video production or a related field.

4. Personal Trainer – See Open Jobs

Personal Trainer Helping Man with His Workout

How They Keep Fit: If fitness is already your passion and you enjoy helping others, you may want to consider becoming a personal trainer. Personal trainers meet with clients one-on-one or in small groups to help them get into tip-top shape. Once you’ve decided you have what it takes, you need to choose the right certifications for your needs. There are many fitness certifications and groups available, but the most common requirements are a high school diploma/GED and a CPR certification.

5. Courier – See Open Jobs

Bike Messenger

How They Keep Fit: Love to ride? Many companies are hiring bike couriers to transport packages, documents and food straight to the recipient’s front door. Many options are either full-time or part-time, and some companies let you set your own hours. You will need to own your own bike and be able to lift and carry 40-50 pounds.

6. Geoscientist – See Open Jobs

"Geologist, man looking close at rock"

How They Keep Fit: Simply put, Geoscientists study the Earth by gathering and interpreting data. This requires them to travel near and far – often in remote areas – to make observations capture and collect information in the field. At a minimum, geoscientists are required to have a bachelor’s degree in subjects like earth sciences, geography, geology or physics. For teaching and research positions, many geoscientists have their PhD.

7. Roofer – See Open Jobs

Construction worker

How They Keep Fit: Roofers need it all: strength, coordination, flexibility and most importantly, good balance. Roofers work in all types of weather conditions to repair and install roofs using a variety of tools and materials and use considerable arm and leg muscle force to push, pull and carry objects in what can be an unstable working environment. Roofers tend to gain skills and experience through apprenticeship programs and by working on job sites under the guidance of more experienced roofers.

8. Registered Nurse – See Open Jobs

Young Female Patient Talking To Nurse In Emergency Room

How They Keep Fit: Registered Nurses spend a significant amount of their day on their feet, tending to patients and providing follow-up care, consulting with physicians, moving patients and equipment, and performing tests. RNs usually work in healthcare facilities, but they can also work in patients’ homes, schools and community centers. To become an RN, at a minimum you need an associate’s degree, but you could earn a higher salary with a bachelor’s degree.

9. Waiter – See Open Jobs

Waiter working at a restaurant

How They Keep Fit: Carrying a heavy, wobbly tray of hot food plates is difficult enough to do without spilling, but after a long shift of being on your feet and running between customers, it can be downright exhausting. Becoming a waiter doesn’t usually require any serving experience or certifications, but a great attitude is always a plus.

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