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How to Ace an Interview at Google, Salesforce and More!

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So you’ve made it your mission to score a game-changing job with one of Glassdoor’s 2017 Employees’ Choice honorees. Nice! Great move to aim high and target employers that have a reputation for creating stellar professional cultures.  

So how do you get your foot in the door to pursue a role with one of these in-demand employers? After you refresh your candidacy package and solidify your personal brand, you distinguish yourself as an informed candidate. And when it comes to conducting that research, Glassdoor’s got you covered.  

Learn about the leadership, workplace culture, salary and the interview processes at some of the coolest companies by reviewing Glassdoor’s data and reviews to see what past interviewees, current, and former staff have reported. This way you get the inside scoop so that you can access whether or not you might find fit there.

Here’s the lowdown on some of Glassdoor 2017 Best Places to Work award winners to set your wheels in motion:  

Bain & Company

Bain & Company is on a nine-year hot streak on Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice List, routinely ranking in the top five; 2017 represents the third year the company nabbed the number one spot. CEO Bob Bechek is highly regarded by Bain & Company staff. He earned the number seven spot on Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs in 2017, and he ranked first in 2016. Bain & Company was also recognized on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Interview list, coming in at number twelve in 2017.

Bain & Company is a leading international business consulting firm. It’s a global company that currently lists more than 50 job openings in offices around the US.

The company is committed to recruiting stellar pros, and to that end, has provided ample information about the interview process on Bain & Company’s website. It outlines the various stages of the interview process, and what candidates might need to prepare for each stage. Bain & Company’s website advises potential candidates: “Rest assured that we’re not looking to interrogate you but rather cultivate an environment that promotes a series of productive and intellectually stimulating discussions.” Use the company website along with Glassdoor data to aid you in your interview prep.

Bain & Company presents staff with challenges, for which it prepares them by surrounding them with a supportive and intellectually nourishing environment. This empowers employees to deliver on today’s demands and to strengthen their skills for their future endeavors.

Glassdoor Interview tips: Glassdoor respondents commented on the warmth and professionalism of the interviewers. Even respondents who did not get offers tended to rate their interview experience highly. Glassdoor respondents mentioned that each round has a behavioral interview component and a case study component. Glassdoor respondents who didn’t do well in the interview process tended to be those who admitted coming unprepared, so use the wealth of resources offered on the company’s website.  

Sample Interview Questions Shared by Glassdoor Respondents:  

  1. Would you rather do something perfectly and hand it in late, or do something on time that isn’t quite perfect?
  2. What do you consider to be your greatest failure so far?  
  3. Why are you interested in becoming a consultant?  
  4. Why Bain?
  5. Tell me about a leadership experience you’ve had.

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Facebook enjoys its seventh consecutive year in the top 20 on Glassdoor’s Top Places to Work List. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been among the top ten on Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs list for the fifth year straight.

If you’re interested in pursuing a role at Facebook, follow Facebook Careers, which offers video, stories, pictures, news and other insights into what’s going on at the company and what it’s like to work there.  

The staff and leadership emphasize that Facebook is a professional culture that values problem-solving and adherence to personal values over rote rule following. So staff have the freedom to be themselves, develop themselves and to do the innovative work that sets Facebook apart as a global leader.

Facebook currently has more than 1,200 job openings in cities around the US and across the globe.  

Glassdoor Interview tips: Glassdoor respondents indicate that the technical aspects of the interview require a solid understanding of Facebook products, so be prepared to discuss Facebook’s offering and how they function. Additionally, traditional technical demonstrations are also required. Many respondents note that the technical portion of the interview is demanding and required careful preparation and attention to detail.

Sample Interview Questions Shared by Glassdoor Respondents:  

  1. How would you measure the health of Mentions, Facebook’s app for celebrities? How can FB determine if it’s worth it to keep using it?
  2. If 70% of Facebook users on iOS use Instagram, but only 35% of Facebook users on Android use Instagram, how would you investigate the discrepancy?  
  3. Facebook sees that likes are up 10% year over year, why could this be?
  4. What’s your favorite Facebook feature?
  5. What would your former boss say about you?

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Google made Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work List for the ninth straight year in 2017, which also represented the tech giant’s sixth consecutive year among the top ten. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has been among the Highest Rated CEOs since he assumed leadership of the tech giant in 2015. In 2017, he nabbed the #17 spot.

Google has a long-standing reputation as an excellent employer with its lush benefits and human-centered approach to recruiting, engaging and retaining stellar staff. With thousands of open jobs in cities around the US and across the globe, it’s a great time to be a Googler. If that’s your aim there’s plenty you can do to prepare for the various stages of Google’s interview process.    

Google’s website offers robust information about Google’s hiring process. Augment that framework with the rich details shared by Glassdoor respondents, and you’ll have plenty of specifics to help you prepare.  

Glassdoor Interview tips:  Glassdoor respondents share ample and specific feedback about the technical component of the interview. They consistently advise that candidates should overprepare for the technical phase of the interview. Many respondents said that their nerves slowed them down more than they expected they would.

In addition, all candidates should prepare for “behavioral, hypothetical, or case-based questions that cover your role-related knowledge.”

Sample Interview Questions Shared by Glassdoor Respondents:  

  1. You are planning an all-hands meeting to highlight the successes of teams. How will you go through in planning this all-hands meeting?
  2. Walk me through a project you were in charge of from beginning to end.
  3. What is your opinion on whether or not individuals should be required to use their official name when opening a Gmail or Google + account?
  4. Talk me through the steps that would need to be taken when planning the opening party for a new Google Campus in Bangalore, India.  
  5. How would you handle a request from your boss that clearly violated company policy?

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Salesforce has been a regular on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work List for the for the past several years, grabbing a spot in the top 20 in 2017.  This year also represents the fifth year straight that Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, has been in the top 25 for Highest Rated CEOs. Salesforce also earned the number four spot for Glassdoor’s Best Places to Interview in 2017.

Salesforce is a customer success platform that fosters connections between businesses and their customers. The Salesforce culture is rooted in “Ohana,” the Hawaiian word for family, and the Salesforce family is growing fast, seeking to fill more than 3,600 positions in the US and across the globe.

If you’re interested in scoring a role at Salesforce, check out its Pathfinder Program, a training initiative to equip the workforce of the future.

Glassdoor Interview tips: While the culture at Salesforce is professional and fast-paced, the Ohana vibe is pervasive. Glassdoor respondents report having a positive experience with interviewers, even when an offer was not extended. Interviews for many positions span both technical demonstrations and behavior questions. Salesforce is also a values-driven culture, so candidates may be asked to field questions related to their own values and philanthropic experience.   

Sample Interview Questions Shared by Glassdoor Respondents:  

  1. Describe a project or major roll-out you’ve done.
  2. What are some marketing campaigns you’ve seen that you admired?  
  3. What is something that you have learned outside of work that you can/do apply to your professional life?  
  4. Tell me about past technical projects that will help you succeed in this position.  
  5. Where does philanthropy fit into your life?
  6. What makes you happy at work?

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Now that your research is started, get ready to ace that interview in 2018!