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Advice for the new Chief Executive at Yahoo! from Glassdoor

Yahoo stock price is up today given the news that CEO Jerry Yang is stepping down. At times like these, not only can we provide employees and job seekers insights that encourage more informed career moves, but we can also offer a new CEO tips on what is working and what is not from an employee perspective. As the Yahoo Board works today to find a replacement for Yang, we’ve culled employee reviews to give the new CEO, whoever it may be, a unique overview of internal company operations.

So new CEO, here’s your chance – listen close to the Yahoo Reviews by your soon to be employees:

Yahoo Business Development Manager in Sunnyvale, CA

“Big layoffs to reduce expenses. Figure out what Yahoo stands for – no one seems to know (Google = search, Microsoft = software, Yahoo = ??? email, gossip news???, large audience??). When I was there, Marketing couldn’t come up w/ a coherent message b/c no one could figure out what defines Yahoo. A bunch of lame marketing at that time – FUSE acronym, TV commercials w/ people carrying around placards w/ URLs on them, etc”

Yahoo Anonymous Employee in Santa Clara

“Retain your best talent and cut the fat (there’s a lot of it). Provide clear directions and act like you mean it. Just a while ago, upper management was constantly chanting “We have to win” at all-hands. Watch closely and you’ll see that no alignment in action has taken place at all. Engineering excellence is not recognized nor rewarded. Your perseverance in finishing crap jobs is valued more than outstanding engineering work. Company talks innovation but doesn’t value it.”

Yahoo Software Engineer in Sunnyvale, CA

“Company has clearly lost direction. Yahoo is now mostly busy chasing Google, even though it’s clear that Google has pulled too far ahead. Yahoo should return to its roots as an innovator and risk taker. Try things and see what works. There is still enough (for now) talent at Yahoo to come up with the next brilliant thing.”

Yahoo VP of Engineering in Sunnyvale

“Buy AOL. Partner with MSFT on search. Focus on Display with the same level of commitment that G has to search. Press-the-flesh with the rank-and-file as much as you possibly can.”

Yahoo employees, like AIG before them, have some pretty strong opinions about what needs to happen with the company. And given the continuous news coming out of Yahoo! we have been watching the situation pretty closely.

One thing that was surprising to note is that Jerry Yang did not grace the Glassdoor CEO Watch Lists. (The Glassdoor CEO Watch list identifies the lowest rated CEOs according to employees – Watch List alumni include the CEOs of Alcatel-Lucent , AMD and WaMu. This month we have a newcomer to the list – Office Depot CEO Steve Odland takes “top” rank with a 98% disapproval rating.) Although we are observing that employee opinion doesn’t always dictate a departure of CEO, it does present some compelling arguments that a low CEO approval rating may mean tough days ahead for a top executive boss.