Advice On Keeping Your Job Search Fresh

Advice On Keeping Your Job Search Fresh

2010-02-12 13:11:49

Job hunting is more like sales than it is like research. Figuring out who your target is, what they do and how to get in touch with them is the easy part. Then, you have to go through the process of selling and facing rejection.

You are competing with millions of other job hunters for the attention of tens of thousands potential employers. The more specific you can be, the better your results. For the most part, it’s smarter to focus on making direct personal contact with the places you want to work. Eye contact (or phone contact) with the person receiving your resume is essential.

But, you also want to optimize the effectiveness of your online activities. Here are some tips that can help you keep your resume very fresh while helping you to clarify your dreams. Really, update your resume once a week. Make your resume a living document. Experiment like a fisherman trying different lures.

  1. Rewrite your career objective. Taking time to more clearly imagine your future will help you reach it. Use a thesaurus to learn how to say the same thing differently.
  2. Add a sentence to one of the jobs you have listed. Describe an accomplishment that you hadn’t mentioned before. Try to communicate how much fun it was to work there.
  3. Think about the best parts of school. Add three or four words about something that you loved.
  4. Look for five words you can remove from your resume. Careful editing is a great skill to develop.
  5. Re-title the sections. Use goal instead of objective; knowledge instead of education; roles and responsibilities instead of experience. Think about other terms to describe the information you want to communicate.
  6. Experiment. One week, list five companies that you want to work for. Try including a paragraph of key words that you hope a recruiter will search for. Take it out the following week.
  7. Allow yourself to be silly. List your five favorite animals and try to keep it online for a week. Find out how scared that makes you.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Resume writing can be a terrible chore. It’s hard enough to do once. Regularly updates can seem like too much to ask.

Keep a log of the places that have a copy of your resume. Update your online resume once a week. Search engines always return the freshest results. You are best served by being in with the current, fresh results.

Looking for work online is a competition to see whose resume is on the top of the pile. It’s a big game of King of the Hill. The higher your stuff is in the pile, the more likely you are to be seen. The more you are seen, the more interviews you will get. The more interviews, the better your odds of getting hired.

Online job hunting is a numbers game. It takes time, routine, repetition and practice to be good at it. Don’t think, even for a second, that simply posting your resume to databases and sending it out in response to ads is enough.