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How to Get A Fair and Competitive Job Offer; Don't Answer the Salary Question

What do you say when the recruiter or hiring authority asks how much salary / compensation / money you are looking for? You’ve waited for the interview, this is a company you want to go to work for or maybe you just need the job cause you just do…and they ask – How Much?

How Much Are You Asking for in terms of Salary or Compensation?

Answer to high – you might be out…too low and you’re screwing yourself out of life’s extras. What do you do? The answer is obvious, you’ve already been to Glassdoor and you walk in prepared with the market data you need – you know what others in the company and in competitive companies make for this job, this level. But maybe you don’t throw all the data out with a smile. It’s possible they don’t agree, have a lower figure in mind, have a higher figure in mind, and don’t know about Glassdoor (but need too). The answer today is the same you’ve heard and used in the past – get the employer thinking about stating the number first. Yes, you will continue to be asked to give last year’s W2 and give it honestly, BUT you must first get them thinking specifically about your value to the company.

When asked how much, the answer that works is to simply state the positives you’ve learned throughout the recruiting process and state clearly…”based on what I have seen and learned about your company I have no doubt you will make me a fair and competitive offer”.  Then they can ask about W2s, but first get them thinking ‘what is fair and competitive’? Then you can direct them to Glassdoor to find out.