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Apple Celebrates 25 Unforgettable Years

For 25 years Apple has been a leader in setting the standard for computer design and innovation with its Mac products. Last week, posted an informative history of how the Mac has evolved since its inception. Today’s Macophiles range from people who just appreciate their Mac to true fanatics who love all things Apple.

Due to the numerous product achievements and the company’s reputation, Apple continues to be a highly sought after employer – both at its Silicon Valley corporate headquarters and at its offices and retail stores located around the globe. For example, currently on Apple receives an 3.7 company rating in its headquarter location in Cupertino, CA and also receives high marks in its location in Paris where it receives a 5.0 company rating.

In honor of Apple’s 25 years, we thought we would take a look at what has made the company so great. Here are some Apple Reviews by employees that highlight why they enjoy working at Apple and what has probably led to their many years of success.

A great place to make a difference – You get to make a difference on products that people love to use. You might have more influence on the overall product at a smaller company, but you can have a significant impact on products that millions of people use and which set the direction for entire industries. Nothing compares to the thrill of having a product you’ve worked hard on being announced at Macworld or WWDC to glowing reviews, and then seeing people all over the place using it.  Also, unlike some other large companies, Apple’s teams run small. This means that nearly everyone’s working on something really important to their product, and that at least within your own area of influence it’s pretty easy to get things done.

–  Senior Software Engineer, Cupertino, CA

The best retail store on the planet. Period – It is just a really fun place to work where you get to use and sell the latest and greatest consumer technology of any company in the world. …Just about everyone you work with is extremely friendly. There is an energy in the store unlike anything I have ever seen, like everyone is just so happy to be there, employees and customers alike. There are always customers bustling in and out of the stores, sometimes to many to handle, but you never feel intimidated. You actually feel like you can help everyone in the store with what they need. There is no commission, which is a good thing for three reasons.”

–  Mac Specialist (Apple Store) in Freehold, NJ

A very cool company – Apple is a growing company, and though very big, people are always friendly. It really looks like Apple is still a very big startup, where almost everyone gets along.

–  System Engineering Intern, Paris, France