Apple Envy? RIM and Nokia Employees Dish

Yesterday, we took a look at competitor envy between Google and Yahoo, but today we turn our attention to those operating within mobile industry: Apple, RIM, Nokia. We wanted to find out if there is any correlation between their company ratings, CEO ratings and competitive chatter among these three mobile manufacturers.

When it comes to mentions of competitors among these three respective mobile manufacturers in the reviews at Glassdoor, we found that Apple is the only company of the three where employers don’t mention the competition. And even though it was reported last week that Nokia holds the largest market share among this list, the competition is creeping towards them so it’s no surprise that they also show the most concern. We found that in the Nokia reviews, employees mentioned both Apple and RIM. Whereas RIM employees, only express concern over Apple.

Glassdoor Report: Mobile Competitor Chatter
Company Nokia RIM/
Apple NO NO n/a
Nokia n/a YES YES

Here are some reviews from RIM and Nokia employees that show what they are saying about Apple: 

“Ignore the market and ignore Apple. We have a great product and the only thing holding us back is quality when we release” – RIM Senior Development Manager (Waterloo, ON)

“Go back where you were a few years back and remember the basics. You lost the “respect for the individual” value and replaced it with a meaningless “respect” value. Go back to leading edge user interfaces, that’s the reason for loosing market share to Apple.”-Anonymous Nokia employee  

“Nokia needs to put more attention to the upcoming USA competitor offerings from Apple, Google, Rim,” – Nokia Business Development Director (Boston, MA)  

When we look at the company and CEO ratings on Glassdoor for these companies, we found that all three companies have the same company satisfaction rating.  The big difference comes in their CEO approval ratings.  As you’ll see in the table below, Apple’s Steve Jobs has a 20 percentage point higher approval rating than  Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and RIM CEO Jim Balsillie.  

Glassdoor Report: Mobile Company & CEO Ratings
Company Company Rating CEO Name CEO Approval Rating
Apple 3.8 Steve Jobs 90%
Nokia 3.8 Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo 70%
RIM 3.8 Jim Balsillie 70%

Perhaps what keeps Apple employees focused on things other than their competitors is the satisfaction they have with their CEO. It will be interesting to watch Apple during this time that Steve Jobs has taken to focus on his health. And, our eyes will be on Nokia employee reviews as the company fights for competitive ground.

Do you work at Apple, RIM or Nokia? Do you feel the push for innovation and/or the push to beat out competitors? Tell us what you think about your job.