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Applying to Glassdoor? Here’s What You Need to Know

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We all know that job searches can be tough — the time, effort and emotional energy it requires can often be draining. But the most stressful thing of all is often the uncertainty: How do you know if a company’s right for you? What will the interview process be like? And what are they looking for in candidates?

Many companies don’t make this information easy to find, but at Glassdoor, we’re all about transparency. We want to be as open and honest about the interview process as possible so you can gain a thorough understanding of what Glassdoor is like from the get-go — that way, you can decide whether or not it’s the right company for you.

To shed some more light on the company and its recruiting processes, we went straight to the source: Glassdoor recruiters. Here’s what they said they wanted candidates to know before they even apply to Glassdoor.

Be Prepared to Do Your Research

Glassdoor was created so that job seekers could gain all of the information they needed to find a job and company they love — and we want candidates applying to Glassdoor to take advantage of that!

“Candidates should research Glassdoor on Glassdoor,” says Jamie Hichens, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition. “Our reviews are true to our culture, and there are common themes. That allows them to opt in or out of the process.”

These reviews can give you a feel not just for the company overall, but also the particular team or department you’re interested in.

“Read Glassdoor reviews, specifically about the group you’re applying to or areas that are the most important to you (advancement, management, benefits, balance),” adds Julie Coucoules, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Glassdoor. “Be sure we match you!”

And of course, it’s always important to have a thorough understanding of the role you’re applying to.

“Candidates [should] have a clear understanding of the job they are applying for and expectations of the role,” says Karen Whyte, Senior Recruiter at Glassdoor. “Additionally, it’s great when they research the players on their team that they’d be working for. Maybe review their future team’s LinkedIn profiles just to get a feel for their backgrounds.”

We Take Interviewing Seriously

When evaluating candidates, we want to make sure that we’re getting the best of the best, so our interview process is thorough. Don’t worry — that doesn’t mean the interview process is going to be dragged out, or interviewers are going to be rude. They just want to make sure they’re getting the complete picture.

“Our interview process typically consists of a recruiter phone screen, hiring manager phone screen and 1-2 rounds of onsites,” Hichens says. “Sometimes a presentation or test is also involved, depending on the role.”

It’s Not Just About the Hard Skills

Technical know-how is definitely important, but it’s not the only thing our recruiters and interviewers look for.

“Grit and scrappiness are characteristics that do well here,” Hichens shares. “We’re a late stage startup, so people who can be flexible and adaptable tend to be successful.”

We also want to see that you truly believe in the company and its efforts to help job seekers and employers.

“Be passionate about Glassdoor — where you work is important, and also the mission of Glassdoor,” Coucoules says.

Communication Is Key

One of the soft skills our team looks for in particular is communication, as it’s so critical to success in a collaborative company like ours.

“Communicate with polish at each step in the process,” Coucoules advises. “Whether it’s a follow-up email, thank you note or text message, communication skills, and style are important to most of our roles and will be part of the total evaluation.”

If You Don’t Get the Job, It’s Not the End!

If you’re applying to a job at Glassdoor, we wish you the best of luck — but know that even if you don’t ultimately receive the offer you were hoping for, it doesn’t mean you’re out of the running for good.

“If a candidate does not get the job, I want them to know that this doesn’t rule them out completely from being reconsidered again in the future,” Whyte shares. “Sometimes it’s just timing and/or having them grow their skill set a little more.”

Now that you know a little bit more about Glassdoor, hopefully, you have a better idea of whether or not the company is the right fit for you. If any other questions come up, feel free to reach out to the recruiter you’ve been in contact with!

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