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Apps To Aid Your Job Search

It’s become a common phrase among smartphone-savvy consumers: “There’s an app for that.” And it does seem like there’s a mobile app for almost anything you want to find, do or learn about. Searching for a job is no exception. Last month, Monster Worldwide released Interviews, its free app designed to help job seekers prepare for the interview process. While Interviews has received a lot of press lately, it’s certainly not the only job search app available to Droid- and iPhone-wielding job applicants. Here’s a roundup of some of the available job search apps that come recommended by career experts. Interviews. Touted as the first app of its kind, Interviews is divided into three sections — pre-interview, interview day, and post interview follow-up. Each section includes expert advice and practical resources. For instance, in the pre-interview section, applicants can research the companies and people they’ll interview with, practice interviewing skills and record their answers to tough interview questions. In the interview day section, a map feature provides driving directions to the interview location and a “How do I look?” option turns an iPhone’s or iPad’s camera into a mirror. Finally, after the interview, users can recap the interview while it’s fresh on their minds, get tips for writing thank you notes, and read advice on salary negotiations.

BranchOut. Designed to create professional networking opportunities through Facebook, BranchOut allows users to find out about jobs through the people they know (and the people they know). “BranchOut is our favorite job search app for mobile phones,” says Sander Daniels, co-founder of, an online marketplace for local service professionals. “BranchOut is seeking to become the LinkedIn for Facebook, and they’re doing a great job so far. We just posted a job ad for a Software Engineer with BranchOut and we can’t wait to broadcast our job ad across BranchOut’s network, our employees’ Facebook friends, and our employees’ friends of friends. It is really a great marketing tool.”

MeetingWave. Because many jobs are obtained through real-world contacts, MeetingWave offers a mobile app that allows you to set up networking meetings to get acquainted with new potential business contacts when you’re on the road or even in your hometown. Users “simply create invites describing the type of people you want to meet over coffee, lunch or other networking meeting,” says John Boyd, founder of “You’ll be notified by email when someone accepts. You can ignore, decline or confirm any acceptance for any reason. Meetings are only confirmed if everyone agrees to meet and your name and contact info are private until you are ready to exchange business cards. Or you can search for invites created by other members and accept any of interest.” A patent pending verification feature allows users to target the types of people they will meet, such as people who work for certain companies or attended certain schools.